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Panic has spread internationally due to the spread of a mysterious virus called corona disease that causes death and has no treatment and many do not have information about it .. In this article we highlight information on the symptoms of corona disease and how to transmit infection and preventive measures:

What is coronavirus

Coronavirus is a large family known to cause human and animal diseases. They cause a person to develop illnesses ranging from the common cold to severe acute respiratory syndrome. To distinguish between the simple type and the acute type, a more accurate name was recently given to the disease caused by the deadly Coronavirus, the Coronavirus that causes respiratory syndrome in the Middle East.

This virus was first seen in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on September 24, 2012, by Egyptian doctor Muhammad Ali Zakaria, a specialist in virology, after he isolated a virus from a man who died in the wake of severe shortness of breath and kidney failure.

How widespread is the deadly Coronavirus?

It is not yet possible to determine the extent of the virus. Continued monitoring of cases of infection and scrutiny in reviewing any unusual patterns of these cases of infection or pneumonia, but it is currently widespread in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and moved from them to the Arab countries and some foreign countries and the deaths in the Kingdom reached 121 until the date of May 11, 2014, the last update issued From the World Health Organization.

What are the symptoms of infection with coronavirus?

Common symptoms of people with emerging coronavirus are acute respiratory illnesses accompanied by fever, cough, malaise, and breathing difficulties. Most patients had pneumonia. Many of them also had symptoms of stomach trouble, including diarrhea, and others had kidney failure. Nearly half of the people who were infected with the deadly virus Corona died.

Its symptoms are similar to some influenza symptoms such as obstruction of the upper respiratory tract, sneezing, coughing, obstruction of the sinuses, mucous secretions from the nose with high temperature and also may lead to acute injury to the lower respiratory tract, pneumonia and kidney failure that distinguishes this strain of the virus.

How do people become infected with this virus?

The virus is transmitted by inhaling respiratory droplets from the patient, or by contaminated surfaces, such as pillows (pillows), duvets, fabrics, sheets, and others.

The ability of the virus to transmit between people has been proven, as well as a number of health workers have been infected by infection from patients.

Can the virus be transmitted from one person to another?

Yes. As we mentioned, it is transmitted by sneezing spray in patients and their tools are just like the flu .. We have seen several groups of cases in which the virus is suspected to be transmitted from one person to another or confirms its transmission strongly in this manner. All of these cases occurred in a health care facility or among close family members.

Is there an anti-virus vaccine Corona?

There is currently no vaccine available against the virus and the virus is still being researched

Is there a cure for Coronavirus?

There is no specific treatment for the disease caused by the emerging coronavirus, and the treatment should be based on the symptoms shown by the patient

Are there preventive measures against corona disease?

You can prevent infection with this virus by the following means:

Not to contact with patients and avoid spraying the patient during sneezing.

Non-contact of contaminated surfaces as patient's tools

Not using the patient's personal belongings, such as pillows and duvets.

Wash hands thoroughly with soap. To prevent any possible pollution from workplaces and public transportation

Wearing protective masks in crowded places.

Avoid close contact with the injured person and take preventive measures to isolate the patient, even from family members, to protect them

Is it true that bats are the cause of disease or camels?

So far, there is no conclusive confirmation of this matter, although samples of the virus have been isolated from mountain bats and single-humped camels in Saudi Arabia.

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