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Aerobic exercise is one of the foremost important exercises that are very beneficial to human health. it's also a treatment for several serious health diseases.

Likewise, there's a robust correlation between aerobics and prevention of exposure to dementia or Alzheimer's, consistent with recent studies and research projects. Where an outsized number of experts and researchers paid special attention to the advantages of aerobics, through conducting several scientific studies. After analyzes and therefore the appearance of results, the researchers found that there are many health and aesthetic benefits for practicing aerobic exercises. Among those scientific studies, an American study conducted at West Florist University demonstrated that aerobic exercises prevent dementia.

This American study was conducted with the participation of 16 men and ladies affected by problems of cognitive impairment. they vary in age from 60 to 63 years, and within six months during which these people have performed aerobic exercises, fourfold every week. During the study, the participants relied on using some sorts of sporting goods to assist them to perform these exercises professionally, including a treadmill or a stationary bike.

In the same study, about 19 people, with a mean age of 67 years, participated within the study and directed them to practice stretching exercises for fourfold every week, and over the course of the study period of six months. Their primary dependence was only on stretching without aerobics. The researchers made a comparison between these two groups, the primary of which the participants practiced aerobic exercises, and therefore the second practiced elongation exercises within the same period of your time. After the study was completed, the participants within the two groups underwent some brain scans.

After the results of the tests appeared, the scientists concluded that the primary group of individuals who performed aerobic exercises achieved significant increases within the size of the brain, and their brain cells were renewed during a greater proportion than the second group during which the participants practiced stretching exercises. The researchers also discovered that folks within the aerobics group improved their thinking and memory skills very significantly, compared to the people involved within the stretching exercises group, who had no positive changes in their memories, while not noticing any improvement in their cognitive powers.

Here, the study confirms that aerobics helps protect people from dementia. this is often after the researchers found within the study that aerobic exercises contribute to enhancing the mental and productive capacities of humans. It also helps increase brain functioning, while strengthening memory and improving central systema nervosum functions. additionally, aerobic exercises help improve focus, increase creativity and productivity. After the results of the study appeared, Laura Bakir, a professor within the Gerontology and Geriatrics Department at the University of West Florist School of drugs and lead researcher of the study, said: "It was possible to notice the positive changes resulting from aerobics even after a quick period of exercise. Therefore, this study confirmed That any quite exercise will benefit the person practicing it, but aerobics can also bring benefits to the extent of cognitive function.

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