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Nutrition specialists agree that intake snacks that contain giant amounts of calories, among the most foods, is one in every of the foremost necessary causes of weight gain. Dr. Wael Mounir, Associate in Nursing knowledgeable in nutrition and fleshiness, says that intake tater as a snack contributes to weight gain thanks to the oils and carbohydrates they contain. The doctor advises the necessity to remain aloof from facet effects that cause weight gain and replace it with healthy ones.

Munir explains the impact of facet meals on increasing weight, that we have a tendency to eat them while not specializing in the number or conniving the calories gift in these foods, additionally thereto those meals don't feel full, that causes the abdomen to kindle additional food.

Learn about the list of foods that will be ingested as a facet meal while not gaining weight.


The apple fruit is made in several biological process values that the body desires because it contains an exquisite quantity of natural fiber, that facilitates the digestion method. Apples contain an oversized quantity of water that helps flush out toxins and fats from the body for higher health.


Avocado is made of insoluble vegetable fiber, which helps the abdomen digest food higher. Avocado contains ethanoic acid, that works to stimulate the fullness center within the body, and avocado encompasses a sizable amount of vitamins and nutrients that qualify it to be an entirely biological process meal.


Eat tuna as a snack side-meal among the staple foods because it could be a nice supply of Selenonine that plays an enormous role as Associate in Nursing inhibitor. The tuna is distinguished by its low caloric content, which implies a sense of fullness and weight loss.


Nuts square measure distinguished by having monounsaturated fats referred to as helpful fats that don't have an effect on weight gain unless they're consumed in giant quantities. insane conjointly contain macromolecule and vegetable fibers that facilitate enhance the sensation of fullness. Eat a couple of insane between your main meals to eliminate hunger.


Vegetables facilitate the body to reduce considerably and considerably once it's relied upon as a facet meal. because it is made in water and vegetable fibers, which encompasses a terrific impact on losing weight.


Oatmeal has recently been used as a reliable facet meal for weight loss. because it is taken into account one in each of the total grains that have multiple biological process values and facilitate to feel full with a little range of calories. several diet programs embody oats as a facet meal to lose additional weight thanks to its importance in nutrient the body with fiber and vitamins and losing additional fat.


Eat popcorn as a snack between meals to induce obviate the sensation of hunger with a little range of calories. Popcorn is made in fiber and antioxidants that enhance fullness and assist you to reduce.

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