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The age of forty is an opportunity for a group of questions, especially those related to what is termed "crisis of existence". At this age, women have led several fronts: marriage, procreation, work ... Then, there comes a time when a woman focuses on herself, to realize that her body is in a deplorable state. Reason? Multiple pregnancies, neglect, a diet rich in fats and sugars, snacks, stress, quarrels, giving up on sports ... all are factors that intermittent diets have not helped in limiting their outcomes, but rather, on the contrary, have made the body more resistant to losing weight.

So, there is an urgent need to take the initiative again, before the hormones start to play their role! However, you should be careful not to fall into the trap of overly restrictive diets, "tough diets" that contribute to extra pounds and reduced morale.

In this article, we include tips from Dr. Nutrition Lawrence Plummy to rediscover the pleasure of balanced eating.

Diet rituals:

Weigh in energy density: This solution may give quick and satisfactory results in the long run: fill your table with foods with low energy density (vegetables, meat, and lean fish, starches ...) at the expense of foods with high energy density (sugars, fats .. .) Consequently, large quantities of vegetables should be attached to every meal that contains meat or fish. As for carbohydrates, sugars, and fats, they should be reduced as much as possible.

Plan your week: pre-planning your menus avoids the risk of making the mistake of heating ready dishes. Every Sunday, create a nutritional plan for the next week, and shop according to that plan, taking into account the acquisition of good materials in case you have to improvise a fast, balanced meal: red meat, eggs, natural frozen or canned items, natural dairy products, vegetables, and fruits.

Divide family meals: prepare joint meals, but serve each food in a dish: meat or fish cooked without fat (grill, oven, steam ...) in a plate, vegetables in a dish, starches in a dish, sauces in a bowl of grated cheese, grated cheese In another bowl ... You can also serve several sweeteners: fruits, sweeteners with milk, natural dairy ... so that everyone can choose their food and the appropriate quantities for it.

Balance your food: Reparation at dinner at the expense of skipping food is a bad idea. This encourages snacks in the afternoon or eating large quantities of food in the evening. Eat a light lunch, with sufficient and varied portions: lean meat and fish, vegetables, starchy foods, dairy, and fruits. As for dinner, it is preferable to eat meals rich in vegetables, in addition to yogurt and certain fruits, while avoiding fats, sugars, and alcohol.

Take enough time to eat and chew your food well: Good chewing improves digestion, thereby reducing bloating and promoting satiety. Enjoying the meal and focusing on it also prevents you from eating afternoon snacks or trying to make up for the next meal.

Sports system:

Between the ages of 35 and 45, the body goes through pregnancy periods or food diets, which, along with the effects of age, contribute to relaxing areas of the body, especially at the level of the sides, buttocks, and thighs. To coordinate the appearance of your body again, it is preferable to work on exercises specific to these areas, while working on posture by practicing yoga, pilates or water aerobics, once to twice a week.

To enhance metabolism, it is advised to move (walking, biking ...) for a period of no less than 30 minutes a day.

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