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The support methods that shoes provide to feet are different as they are. For example, it is not a good idea to practice soccer exercises with running shoes because they will hurt you during this sport.

Some chemical ingredients enter a running shoe pad to help you jump better. There are shoes that increase the stability of the feet on the ground, such as those used in fitness exercises. Mike O'Neill, a physiotherapist at the Society of Physicians and Podiatrists, says that some health problems in the bones, back, and knees result from wearing inappropriate shoes during training! O'Neill added that more than 50% of people do exercise without wearing shoes suitable for their workouts. O'Neill stressed that sneakers are the most important equipment to take care of while exercising to avoid injuries.

Soccer shoes

Thick, damaged nails are problems that football players often encounter as a result of the pressure of shoes on the front of the foot. Injuries to the front of the foot arise from soccer practice on very hard surfaces, such as artificial grass. Kick the ball hard causing severe injuries, so it is recommended that you wear a sports shoe intended for soccer practice to avoid signs of pressure on the foot after the match. Mike O'Neill says caring about the material and his willingness to protect the feet from injuries are more important than his appearance. O'Neill added that it is necessary to change the shoe after consuming it for a distance of 500 kilometers to obtain better protection of the feet.

Running and walking shoes

Running shoes are recommended for healthy and light exercise. Running shoes are flexible and allow the feet to bend and bend at every step. Doctors advise avoiding jogging with soccer shoes as this may threaten injuries. You can use shoes of appropriate size and avoid tight shoes to protect against black pimples and nails. Mike O'Neill says that choosing a suitable shoe for running and walking exercises helps to enjoy fun time without much effort on the feet and knees. He added that running and walking exercises with a dedicated athletic shoe helps to revitalize the body as a result of the flexibility provided by the footwear.

Fitness training shoes

Many people are interested in fitness exercises that help revitalize the body and its muscles. Fitness exercises reduce body fat as a result of the great effort made. Experts advise that it is necessary to wear a gym shoe for fitness exercises. Fitness shoes combine flexibility, support and shock absorption effect on the feet. Choose an athletic shoe appropriate to the size of the foot, and tie it to it appropriately to avoid blood clogging in cases of tight lacing. Fitness exercises depend on movement from one side to the other and jumping, so it is preferable to choose shoes that provide stability to the body and protect it from imbalance to avoid injuries. Flat shoes with additional padding are preferable to reduce the effects of shocks on the feet.

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