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Obesity and weight gain are among the most common problems that many men and women suffer and they negatively affect the appearance of the body and its general health as well. It prevents the person from wearing the clothes he desires because it does not fit with him.

What causes weight gain is a lot of habits that many people commit, such as drinking heavy soft drinks, refraining from exercising for long periods of time, sitting without moving for long periods of time, eating fatty foods, smoking, and other habits.

And in order to help you burn fat, I give you some exercise that you can do daily at home and easy to lose about 5 kilos with ease.

Exercise 1

- This exercise would show the abdominal muscles and be by lying on the ground and fixing the feet and hands on both sides of the body with the knees bent and you can ask someone to fix your feet so they do not move and then rise up slowly and network your hands forward with care carefully To make the back straight, then go down to the first position slowly and try to gradually increase this exercise each time, and then you can add some weight to it and hold it to the level of your chest and so on.

Exercise 2

- Sit on the ground in a straight position, then bend your right knee to the front, leaving your left leg extended, then raise your left leg for five seconds, then return it to its first position, then repeat the exercise with your left knee bent and raise your right leg.

Exercise 3

- Back your back against the wall with your trunk straight, then go down to the squat position, then hold this position for thirty seconds, then return to the first position again.

Exercise 4

- Be sure to hold weights for forty-five minutes, as this would burn your fat in large quantities, and these exercises, unlike the common, do not cause obesity or muscle growth like men. Women who appear in this way take male hormones because the nature of the male body differs from the nature of the female body.

Exercise 5

- Lay on the ground, then raise your legs without bending your knees up to a degree of ninety, then lower your legs again and raise them again without touching the ground and then raise your arms with your legs raised and gradually you can hold a ball in your hands and raise it.

Exercise 6

- Lay on the ground, then spread your hands and arms, then raise your torso and knees until you come close to your face or in a healthy sense so that you can kiss your knees, and after you get used to it put a weight between your legs.

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