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CrossFit has recently sprung up and many women have been keen to exercise it continuously.

A large number of sports halls were keen to include the dictionary of important physical exercises that many have been deliberating on, and it is advised that the specialized trainers practice CrossFit sport because of its many benefits and specializes in many features that differ from any other sport. The inventor of CrossFit is Greg Glassman, an American gymnast and her friend Lauren Jenai in 2000. CrossFit is a sports company founded in 1996, yet this sport spread widely in 2007. Many people started it daily. Let's get to know more about CrossFit sport, how to get it right, its most important benefits and harms.

How can CrossFit work?

The famous CrossFit sport includes a mixed assortment of different exercises starting first with warm-up exercises, then the trainee moves to the most prominent exercises such as abdominal exercises, running exercises, mind exercises, weightlifting exercises, aerobics exercises, gymnastics exercises, rowing exercises, Swedish exercises, in addition to the exercises Kettle Bell. It is possible to perform CrossFit exercises without relying on sports equipment, but according to the appropriate health condition for each person and according to the opinion of the specialized trainer. A person can do his exercises alone or with his colleagues collectively and this is definitely the best in order to enhance the spirit of competition between them. Crossfit exercise is practiced through several steps, the beginning of which is that the trainer assists the person in choosing the exercise that he will perform during the training session where a person can choose between five or three exercises only.

He exercises these exercises repetitively without interruption or rest throughout the specific training session and when the person reaches the highest levels in the training sessions he moves to the advanced levels i.e. the trainee exercises what is known as four times. This means that the person chooses four exercises to perform for a specific number and for a specific period such as practicing the abdominal exercises five times and then the rope skipping exercises five times and then the practice of running or running for ten minutes and then gymnastics exercises for ten minutes and so on.

Benefits of CrossFit

Young men and girls seek CrossFit for several goals that benefit them and benefit their body health. Among the most important advantages of Crossfit is its effective and strong role to lose weight gain and burn accumulated fat as it strengthens physical fitness and makes the body more agile and flexible and helps in building muscle and strengthening bones. It also stimulates the body and gives it strength, vigor, and vitality significantly, in addition to improving the breathing process and balancing the rates of inhaling and exhale. Muscle masses form and work to protect the body from serious diseases as well as fight boredom and routine during their exercise because they consist of many different exercises that are practiced simultaneously. Crossfit also provides women with the capabilities to do weight-bearing exercises that were difficult to perform.

Damage to CrossFit

While there are many benefits to playing CrossFit, there are also some risks and damages that may affect some people, but in the absence of specialized and professional coaches. The trained person may experience fatigue, severe joint fatigue, muscle rupture and fracture due to the absence of breaks during exercise. Especially difficult exercises such as weightlifting and gymnastic exercises that need some rest. Young teens also come to crossover exercises before their muscles are full and thus more likely to have some injuries. Failure to adhere to the correct way to perform CrossFit exercises may also cause major and serious injuries. Finally, CrossFit exercises reduce the trainer's attenuation and skill in a particular sport due to a large number of exercises he exercises together.

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