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Have you thought about this year doing some exercise, but at the same time you do not know which sport is best for you and that you can continue to exercise for a long time?

If your answer is yes, you should choose a sport that matches your personality and matches your desires by following the advice of Sandra Gomes, responsible for exercising at CMG Sports Club, which you will get acquainted within the following article. Here are the most appropriate types of sports to achieve your goals:

I want to slim faster

To reach this goal, you must combine muscle-building activities and cardiovascular muscle exercises. Also, rely on HIIT exercises, as this method will help you burn the highest calories even after your workout ends. Depending on your desire, you can work out either at home or at a sports club. With the different methods adopted, but the goal is to lose weight, so do not forget to follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

Your sports program

Do 3 to 4 servings per week without skipping the rest days.

You can strengthen muscles through basic but complete movements at the same time, by doing two servings per week and each serving should not exceed the hour.
For the remaining two servings, adopt the HIIT method, meaning short, 20-30 minutes, but high-intensity training.

I want to relax after work

For a moment of psychological and physical well-being, Yoga is your best ally! This is because, according to a set of suggested movements that suit all age groups, this spiritual exercise helps you to relax and provides you with rest for long periods. You can also adopt Pilates, as it is a gentle activity ideal for the back and belly belt. Doing this type of exercise regularly will transform your body and sculpt beautifully without any suffering. In addition, relaxation and stretching exercises allow you to move comfortably, using the Zen approach.

I want to challenge myself

The most effective activity to cross all of your limits is cycling in the hall or in the city. Also, focus your attention on fighting sports such as boxing or taekwondo that combine physical fitness and cardio exercises. You will definitely sweat and you will notice unexpected results!

Your sports program

Try different types of combat sports before you pick your favorite. Who was depended on 4 sports per week?

Do your favorite fighting sport once or twice a week. It is recommended that you take these classes with the same trainer or coach in order to learn new moves each time.
Don't forget to strengthen your muscles to improve your performance in your favorite sports hobbies. You can do this with two sessions per week, and each session should not exceed one hour.

I want to enjoy my sports

If you want to play sports to get a slender body, but at the same time enjoy this sport as a fun hobby, dancing is the best option for you. Choose Zumba, Body Jam, or even Belly Dancing if you are a dance lover.

Your sports program

Do two or three servings of your favorite sport at the gym.
It is recommended that you take these classes with the same trainer or trainer to learn new moves each time.

I just want to lose weight in a specific area of my body

It is very difficult to lose weight in a targeted way because losing or gaining weight is hereditary. Gaining weight varies from person to person and is done in different areas of the body. There are those who gain weight at the level of the abdomen, while others gain it at the level of the thighs. Therefore, it is very important that you exercise all parts of the body, regardless of the different weight gain regions.

The solution, madam, is to do sports activities that will burn the calories in your body, such as HIIT or cardio exercises. The process of losing weight and burning fat will balance the calories you gain and those you lose.

Your sports program

Do 3 classes per week, not to skip rest days.

Don't do HIIT more than twice a week, as it is very stressful because it burns calories so high.
Use a gym machine for your third session and don't forget to do relaxation exercises.

I resume sport after a long break

If you want to resume sports without stressing yourself, a 45-minute exercise is sufficient for this. You can always practice moderate activities, and the best way to do it is to participate in group exercises with the supervision of a professional sports coach. Doing organized activities encourages you to exercise and keep your enthusiasm at the end.

Your sports program

Count on a group workout to build muscle, such as Be Fit, which uses the basic movements of exercise. These movements get you used to exercise again.

Second class:
You can use cardio workouts with a bike, whether at the club or at home. The goal of this sport is sweating to get all the toxins out of your body as it activates your heart rate and burns calories quickly.

Third session:
Flex your muscles with stretching using light sports such as Hatha Yoga. It will help you focus on yourself and relax.

Try to attend only 3 servings per week, leaving one or two days for a break between each session. In any case, you must be patient! You will see results and changes in your strength after 3 months of your regular exercise. Therefore, participate in the nearest club to your home and get the body and grace that you have not dreamed of.

I don't like team sports

Do you prefer exercising alone? Then you should use sports programs on your phone. It can stimulate your challenge and help you to play solo sports, such as running. Don't forget to use the fitness videos available on YouTube for free.

If you want to play sports in the club individually, you can use weight loss machines such as treadmills and a fixed wheel device. However, your coach should watch you in order not to harm yourself on the one hand and to determine the exercises that match your physical abilities on the other hand.

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