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Sagging arms

Sagging arms are among the problems that many people face as a result of sudden and rapid increase in weight due to psychological pressures, or following some bad habits and others, which changes the body shape, in addition to increasing the feeling of tension and dissatisfaction, and loss of self-confidence, and in this article, we will mention ways to tighten Sagging arms.

Ways to tighten the sagging arms

Through practicing some types of exercise, as follows:

Tricep exercises

It is done by carrying the weight with two hands, then sitting on the ground so that the knees and toes touch the ground, with the upper body folded forward to be with the hips at an angle of 90 degrees, then extend the arms back until they touch each other, with repetition of the exercise 10 times.

Back arm muscle exercise

It is done by attaching a chair to the wall, then introducing the body to face the chair with the arms fixed to the edge of the chair, keeping the feet from each other, then lowering the body and lifting it by relying on the arms, then repeating the exercise for 20 times, which contributes to tightening the muscles of the arms.

Anterior muscle exercise

It is done by standing upright with the knees slightly bent forward, then carrying the weights, lifting them up, then down, repeating the exercise 25 times.

Mind lift exercises

It is done by installing the body on the mind, then lifting it up to the edge of the mind, or to the chin, then going down, and repeating this exercise twenty times.

Arm lift exercises

It is done by standing upright with the knees slightly bent forward, then raising the arms up, then down, with repetition of the exercise ten times.

Recipes to tighten the sagging arms


It is used by placing three tablespoons of ginger in a glass of water, leaving it to boil, then cooling, then filtering, adding four teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, two teaspoons of rose water, two teaspoons of almond oil, and three tablespoons of bleaching cream Mix it well, then massage the arms through a circular massage, leave it for two hours, then shower.

Starch and olive oil

Apply an equal amount of starch, olive oil, fine alum, and a little water, mix it well until it becomes a paste, put it on the flabby area, and massage it well.


Four teaspoons of ground coffee, a little warm water, knead well, massage the flabby area for five minutes, and wash it with water.

Tips to tighten the sagging arms

Exercise regularly and daily.
Drink enough water, i.e. an average of eight cups per day, as water contributes to moisturizing the body and easing the signs of aging.
Combat obesity to get a tight body and free from fat and wrinkles.
Following a diet that contains few calories, in addition to avoiding eating foods that contain a lot of calories, and saturated fats, while eating large amounts of foods that contain proteins, fibers, and carbohydrates.

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