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Weight loss and sagging skin

Obesity usually increases the danger of developing many diseases and health problems, like high vital sign , diabetes and heart condition , some sorts of cancer, and respiratory disorders, because it affects an individual's quality of life, and may cause an individual becoming depressed, although all The symptoms and consequences of obesity improve and disappear as soon as we reduce and return to the perfect weight, but most of these who were obese and reduced an outsized a part of their weight suffer from sagging skin that affects their appearance, and this sagging occurs thanks to the stretching of the skin with the rise in weight to permit the growing cell growth In logic Abdomen et al. , and when the skin expands greatly and remains thereon for an extended period of your time , collagen protein, which constitutes 80% of the skin’s structure, is broken and provides it strength and firmness, and Elastin, which is liable for the elasticity of the skin and remains tight, the skin loses its ability to return To its normal condition after losing weight, which results in the emergence and sagging of excess skin from the body. The more weight loss the more sagging skin becomes, and it becomes clearer.

Get obviate sagging skin after losing weight

Natural methods

Natural methods can contribute to strengthening the skin and improving its elasticity in people that have lost alittle or medium amount of their weight, and that we mention from these methods the following:

Performing resistance exercises: These exercises are considered one among the foremost effective ways to create muscle mass, as they contribute to increasing muscle mass and improving the looks of sagging skin.

Collagen intake: Hydrolyzed collagen may be a sort of collagen that closely resembles gelatin, and is found within the connective tissues of animals, and studies indicate that it's properties that protect skin collagen, and decomposed collagen are often found within the market as a powder, Collagen also can be obtained naturally by consuming bone broth.

Increased intake of some nutrients: some nutrients contribute to enhancing the body's production of collagen and other compounds beneficial to the skin. Among these are:

  • Protein: it's important to eat sufficient quantities of protein to take care of healthy skin, as some amino acids like lysine and proline play a serious role within the production of collagen.

  • Vitamin C: because the body needs vitamin C to manufacture collagen, and this vitamin protects against damage resulting from exposure to sunlight.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids: their consumption increases the elasticity of the skin.

  • Water: Drinking enough water may improve the looks of the skin.

Use of tightening creams: Although these creams tighten the skin temporarily, the collagen and elastin molecules are large and therefore the skin cannot absorb them completely, therefore the body must make collagen itself.

Medical and surgical methods

Usually resorting to medical and surgical methods is important after a big weight loss, from which we mention the following:

Operations to work out the form of the body: As a results of these operations, those that previously underwent obesity surgery, or who lose a big amount of weight by other methods, resort to removing the skin and excess fat, and typically , quite one operation is performed over a year or two after a decrease Weight, and it's proven that these processes improve an individual's quality of life.

Non-surgical methods: these methods usually have a lower risk in terms of complications, which are techniques that use infrared , radio waves, and massage to scale back sagging skin, and other techniques that use ultrasound, and these techniques:

  • ThermiTight: this system uses radio waves, during which a really small probe is inserted under the skin under the influence of an area anesthetic within the area to be tightened, to broadcast these waves that stimulate the skin to supply collagen, and may be wont to tighten sagging skin in a neighborhood The neck, jaw, upper arms, abdomen, and thighs. it's worth noting that the strain resulting from this system is usually permanent.

  • VelaShape Technology: this system uses four different techniques, including infrared and bipolar radio waves, usually targeting the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, and therefore the subject is experiencing a gradual tightening of the skin and reduces cellulite, and therefore the results often appear after 4 sessions.

  • EMSCULPT technique: it's a way wont to build muscles within the abdomen and buttocks without performing exercise, and although it's going to not change the skin's elasticity, it promotes muscle growth and improves its shape under the skin to seem tighter, and every session takes half-hour because it can The person needs a minimum of four sessions, and although their results are permanent, they have to undergo sessions to preserve them.

Factors affecting skin elasticity

There are many factors that affect the elasticity of the skin and its ability to return to its original form after weight loss, and we mention some of these factors:

The longest period of obesity: The longer the person is overweight or overweight, the less elastic the skin and the less chance of it returning to normal.
Amount of weight loss: Losing approximately 46 kg of weight or more contributes to more sagging skin compared to moderate weight loss.
Age: The amount of collagen present in the skin decreases with age, causing it to become more Sagging Skin after losing weight.
Genetics: Where genetics can affect the skin's response to weight gain or loss.
Exposure to sunlight: As long-term and long-term exposure to sunlight is associated with decreased body collagen and elastin production, which contributes to sagging skin.
Smoking: Smoking may cause a decrease in collagen production by the body, and damage to the body that is present mainly in the body, which leads to sagging skin.

The effect of Sagging Skin on the body and health

Among the effects of Sagging Skin on the body and its health, we mention the following:

Obstructing daily activities: as a result of sagging skin, as a study found that this problem is common in people who have lost 50 kilograms or more of their weight.
Lack of physical activity: sagging skin can cause a person to feel embarrassed, especially if the person is participating in a sports club and exercises in groups and in front of others, which causes drowsiness and lack of physical activity.
Skin irritation and ulceration: Sweat is trapped in the folds of Sagging Skin when sweating, causing itching and irritation of the skin, and the area may develop a fungal infection that leads to skin ulceration.
The unacceptability of physical appearance: skin Sagging Skin may affect a person's acceptance of his appearance and moods.

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