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Sports and weight

The body needs to burn more calories than caloric intake in order to lose weight, so exercising helps with that, but some believe that exercise alone is not sufficient to lose weight, as it increases the feeling of hunger, which leads to an increase in the number of calories consumed for those that It was burned during exercise, on the other hand, reducing the number of calories consumed without exercising can lead to muscle and fat loss while adding exercise with the diet helps to reduce the amount of muscle that the body loses, and sport increases fitness Exercise, metabolism, helps to lose fat and build muscle, even when weight is not lost.

The reason for weight gain after exercise

Some people can suffer from weight gain when starting to exercise, and this is linked to several reasons, and the person needs first to know whether the increase in fat, water, or muscles; as the muscle density is greater than the fat, and thus increasing it leads to an increase Weight, and the other reason may be water retention in the body, where the body maintains water when exercising, with the aim of obtaining glycogen in a more efficient way, which may increase weight, but it is worth noting that weight may not be better A way to make sure your body condition improves, and can not resort Yas fat in the gym, or taking measurements from different places in the body, but if all the measurements indicate weight gain, it may be because the person made some mistakes during performing exercise and following a diet, and one of the most important causes of weight gain after exercise we mention What comes:
  • Eating large quantities of calories: As a person can increase food intake after starting to exercise, therefore it is advised to keep a notebook and take notes of everything the person eats during the day, in order to determine the number of calories consumed, and this step helps to make adjustments to the diet And the quantities of food.

  • Not consuming sufficient quantities of calories: eating a small number of calories can also hinder weight loss, as reducing the number of calories consumed can reduce weight loss, because it may slow metabolism in the body.

  • Not giving the body enough time to respond: Sometimes the body may not respond quickly to exercise; the body needs to make adjustments to adapt to an increase in activity and a reduced calorie intake, so the body must be given several weeks or months in order to respond and begin losing weight, and on the other hand it Sometimes the weight may decrease, then the body may be injured or ill, which will hinder the weight loss.

  • Health status: If the amount of food and exercise is appropriate for weight loss, but the weight still increases, it is recommended that a thyroid gland be examined, as the problems of the thyroid gland can increase the weight, and also increase the difficulty of losing weight, and it is also advised to check the medications that a person takes During this period, as some types can affect the body's ability to lose weight, and on the other hand, age may also be a reason for slowing down weight loss, as it may lead to changes in the metabolism process.

  • Gaining muscle faster than burning fat: If it is noticed that the size of the body increased after starting exercise, it could be because muscle building is faster than losing fat, and on the other hand, genetic factors may play a role in that; where muscle building is when Some people are easier than others, and in this case, it is advised to exercise aerobic exercise or the so-called cardio exercises; as it helps to lose weight, and finally whatever the reason for not losing weight, it is advised to follow up the performance of the exercise and diet, usually This problem is temporary.

Exercises accelerate weight loss

The body needs to lose half a kilogram per week to burn approximately 3500 calories, and it may not be enough to exercise for hours to reach the required weight loss, as this affects the amount of effort, and Heart rate during these exercises and there are several Exercises that help you lose weight. Some of these exercises include:
  • Swimming: It helps swimming to move the whole body, and 485 calories can be burned when swimming for 30 minutes.

  • Running: As running is one of the appropriate sports for losing weight, it is advised to monitor heart rate and the number of steps during the exercise of this sport, as some devices can help in this, and running for 30 minutes burns 394 calories.

  • High-intensity interval Training: These exercises are considered one of the best ways to burn fat and lose weight, and that is by repeating the exercises with the maximum effort for a specific period, then take a Recovery period for a short time, and examples of These exercises; Squat a minute and then pause 20 seconds, then repeat jump (Skater hops) a minute and so on, and this type of exercise helps burn 444 calories when performing 30 minutes.

  • Other exercises: where many other exercises can be practiced to burn fat such as mountain climbing and can participate in team sports such as football, basketball, and Zumba.

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