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Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic diet is considered a healthy diet that focuses on eating healthy foods, and it is possible to lose weight between 2.7-4.5 kilograms within two weeks, but it is advised to go to a doctor and consult him on any type of diet so that the person is not harmed. Diet to repeat eating the following daily foods:


Half a cup of cooked oatmeal.
A quarter cup of the manga.
Two tablespoons of raisins.
One cup of milk.
Calorie-free drinks.


Calorie-free drinks.
Fat-free salad.
Quinoa and sweet potato cakes.


Calorie-free drinks.
Three-quarters of a cup of different fruits.
One piece of pizza.


Two tablespoons of hummus.
One cup of pepper slices.

Note: Sweets, dark chocolate, or frozen low-fat yogurt can be eaten only on Mondays.

How to achieve a nutritional balance

A balanced diet is represented in eating foods that contain a low percentage of sugars and fats, and a large percentage of vitamins and minerals. Among the most important foods that achieve a nutritional balance are the following:

Fruits: Fruits are considered to be delicious snacks, so it is advisable to choose season fruits that are eaten in the region, but if a person has a specific disease he must stay away from some types of fruits, especially those that contain added sugar.

Vegetables: It is one of the main sources that provide the body with vitamins and minerals, as dark leafy vegetables contain nutrients necessary for the human body. Among these leafy vegetables are the following: spinach, cabbage, green beans, and broccoli.

Proteins: Meat, beans, and nuts are among the primary sources of protein, and protein is one of the essential nutrients for the development of human muscles and the brain. Therefore, it is advised to eat lean meat, such as chicken, fish, and beef, in addition to lentils, peas, and almonds. And appointed camel, sunflower seeds.

Other nutritional advice

Food from all food groups should be eaten for a balanced diet. To achieve this, it is advisable to adhere to the following:

  • Eat fresh foods and avoid processed foods: A person acquires nutrients when eating fresh foods, while his diet is destroyed when eating processed foods because they contain added ingredients such as dyes and preservatives.

  • Avoid eating added sugars: It is recommended to eat natural sugars such as fructose in fruits and lactose in dairy products. It is also recommended to avoid adding sugar to foods and drinks, reduce the amount of sugar that is added to coffee and tea, and replace soft drinks with sparkling water.

  • Replacing animal fats in the diet: animal products are considered foods that contain saturated fats, so cholesterol levels in the human body increase when consuming animal products by a large percentage, and a person may develop heart disease as well, so it is recommended to eat low-fat meat and remove skin from meat types And grilling or boiling it instead of frying it, and using vegetable oil instead of animal.

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