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Squat is one of the most important and essential exercises in building the various muscles of the body, as it is one of the easiest exercises in terms of how to perform it and one of the most beneficial also, especially for the muscles of the feet, as the basic squat exercise is one of the exercises that are performed using bodyweight only, so you do not need to the equipment at all, as all one needs in order to do it is knowing the correct way to perform this exercise, as it is very important to adhere to the correct way in performing all the exercises, even the basic exercises from them, in order to avoid injury in general.

The benefits of squat exercises

Among the apparent and basic benefits of the squat exercise that most of this exercise does for it is building the muscles of the feet, but the squat exercise helps build other muscles in the body in addition to the muscles of the feet, as it helps in building the different muscles of the body because when done, the body launches Different hormones, such as testosterone, and growth hormone, which help build different muscles in the body, and when building different muscles, especially the muscles of the feet, this matter also helps to facilitate doing different tasks in our daily lives, as the movement in which we Peer performance of squat exercise is a movement that we have made in our daily lives continuously from the first centuries of human life.

One of the benefits also of squat exercise is that it helps to burn fat in the body as it, like other exercises, requires an effort to do it, especially when doing it with heavy loads, and it also helps in this by building muscles that consume energy more than fat, which helps to burn fat as well, and doing squat training helps the body gain better performance in sports in general. Exercising the muscles of the feet helps to jump higher, and running faster, for a longer period, which is important in all sports.

Also, the squat exercise is one of the exercises that help a person when he is old, and helps reduce the possibility of injury, as strengthening the muscles of the feet helps to reduce pressure on the knee and also protect it from injury in general, and it also helps to increase the range of movement and flexibility in the human being In the pelvis, especially when doing squat exercises fully downward, which also helps to avoid injury.

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