lundi 3 février 2020

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The second time you eat avocado, don't throw the seed, it's a very high benefit.

The results of a replacement study revealed that the avocado seed is taken into account one among the foremost beneficial parts of this fruit.

Where researchers supported the study from (Penn State University) that the extract of avocado seed works to scale back the danger of infection.

The researchers acknowledged that these results indicate the need for using these seed extracts as food or medicine that's made by pharmaceutical companies.

On the opposite hand, it's necessary to use these seeds carefully, as various scientific studies have indicated that overeating it can cause many negative effects on health.

Avocado seeds are used for several years by boiling and grinding them, as a substance that helps in treating diabetes and digestive problems, additionally to pancreatitis.

In the current study, the researchers noted that the avocado seed extract works to suppress inflammation, and this suggests a lower risk of the many inflammatory-related diseases such as:

  • arthritis

  • cancer

  • Heart diseases.

The researchers emphasized that the first role and next step must be in experimenting with these seeds on animals so as to verify the results.

Until then, it's preferable to not eat avocado seeds, and just in case you would like to try to so, it's important to not overdo and moderate this issue.

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