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Traditional push-up exercises

Push-up exercises are considered important exercises for the body generally, which mainly depend upon the utilization of the muscles of the chest, arms, and trunk, and that they are suitable for individuals of all ages additionally to their simple application.

Begin by lifting the body by counting on them towards the highest, then re-push it towards rock bottom, and repeat the exercise the maximum amount as possible, taking under consideration the taking of inspiration during the descent and exhale during the peak, and to extend the problem of the normal push-up exercise are often done and therefore the feet raised, where the feet are raised from the touch The surface of the bottom is twisted employing a box or other object, which results in an increased load on both the chest and shoulders.

Diamond push-up exercises

Unlike the traditional push-up exercise that requires the hands to be with the shoulder level, the diamond push-up exercise derives its name from the position of the hands during the exercise, where the hands should be under the chest with the fingers of the index finger and thumb coming from both hands in a manner similar to the diamond, and is taken into account in this type of The exercise is to approach the chest from touching the hands when the body is lowered towards the ground, and to remain dependent on the hands at the height.

One-hand push-up exercise

This type of exercise is a kind of challenge and enjoyment, in addition to the consequent benefit of redistributing body weight during exercise, which leads to maintaining its balance, and the exercise is applied by leaning on one hand on the ground and placing the other hand behind the back and then lowering the body And raise it and can increase the problem of exercise by making the second user ahead of the person rather than behind the rear.

The importance of push-up exercises for your chest

Exercising push-up exercises have several benefits associated with the chest, which is taken into account an excellent thanks to building chest muscles, as chest muscles are exposed to stretching and elongation when the upper body is lowered towards the ground, and it shrinks when the height is raised to the top, besides, making changes in the speed of exercising from It would make it more difficult.

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