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Sagging abdomen and chest

The sagging of the abdomen and chest in men causes a lot of embarrassing situations, and an uncomfortable feeling when wearing certain types of clothes, in addition to the constant feeling of weakness of the body due to the accumulation of fat on the muscles and under the skin, and despite the different reasons that lead to this situation, the main factor is Rest and not doing exercises regularly, or do it wrong, as well as eating high-calorie foods rich in saturated fats and sugars.

Getting to know the correct and simple exercises that can be done at home can improve the physical condition and tighten the muscles in the abdominal and chest areas in a very short time.

Men's abdominal and chest lift exercises

Men's abdominoplasty exercises

The nature of the muscular structure in men differs from that of women, so the division of the week in men is two exercise days followed by a day of rest, in order to ensure that the muscle is not overburdened and allow the body to deliver adequate food to it, and the problem generally begins in men from the lower abdominal muscles. The best exercises for that muscle are by stretching on the back with the palms rest under the head, raising the legs to the highest level that can be reached, then lowering them again slowly, with repetition of that exercise twenty times in each of the three groups, as well as changing the position of the exercise to raise the torso Slightly, combine one Knees to chest, re-individualization with the switch.

Men's chest lift exercises

Chest exercises are characterized by the fact that they improve the shape of the body to become more smooth and strong, and these exercises cause changes in the shape of parts of the muscles of the abdomen, shoulders, back, and arms. With the arms and torso straightened, slowly going down and resuming again, repeating the exercise ten to twenty-five times with repetition of three rounds, and in the case of difficulty in the exercise at the beginning, you can rest on the knees instead of raising them.

Pressure exercise takes many forms. In addition to the normal position in which the shoulders are aligned with the shoulders, they can be joined inward to obtain more energy in the lower chest muscles. They can also be expanded as much as possible to increase the area of the muscles. There is also an inverted form in which the legs are raised on A stable surface, be it small bands or a dedicated exercise ball, and results for these exercises show up quickly for no more than a week for most people.

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