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Walking barefoot

Walking is one of the sporting activities that benefit the health of the body, especially walking barefoot, which experts stress on the necessity of exercising by getting rid of the shoes during the walking process, as the shoes in general and heels in particular cause deformation in the form of the foot and toes, in addition to its contribution to the appearance of pimples and causing damage What is different about the health of nails, it is worth noting that the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, used to recommend his companions to liberate themselves from their shoes in many cases, as one of the companions of our noble prophet narrated: (The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, commanded us to heal sometimes). Walking barefoot is the perfect option to maintain healthy feet because there are many benefits that benefit the human body as a result of this habit, and to achieve those benefits, care must be taken to choose beaches or places that are characterized by their beautiful nature and cleanliness.

Medical benefits of walking barefoot

Walking can be barefoot on dirt, gravel, sand, or even stones and herbs for a period of no less than fifteen minutes. Among the medicinal benefits of this habit are:
  • Rid the body of excess electrical charges by feet, which transfers negative charges to the ground.

  • Help the cardiovascular system and boost the strength of both immunity and blood, as well as rid the body of free radicals.

  • Calm the nerves, especially when walking on gravel and stones.
    Treating infections that are difficult to treat with chemicals.

  • Make a wonderful foot massage and thus stimulate blood circulation.
    Skin disinfection when walking on sand or dirt.

  • Clean the skin pores when walking barefoot on dirt.

  • Stimulating sweat glands and sensory ends that are located in the soles of the feet.

  • Strengthening both the muscles of the feet and the legs.

Important benefits

Learn about the main benefits of walking barefoot:
  • Back protection, as experiences have shown that societies whose people walk without shoes are healthy compared to other societies suffering from back pain as well as vertebrae.

  • Protection from colds, as changing the temperature increases the ability of resistance in the body, according to the Parfois site, experts advise walking barefoot for a period of no less than a quarter of an hour on ice in severe winter days, because of this habit has many health benefits that help To warm the foot throughout the night, in addition to providing protection against varicose veins, due to the increased effectiveness of blood pumping into the veins, thus preventing the occurrence of the problem especially for women.

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