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Stretch from rock bottom to the heel

This exercise (English: Bottom to heels stretch) reduces lower back pain, and improves its flexibility and strength, and must be practiced daily, alongside various activities, such as: walking, swimming, or yoga, and this exercise is practiced by :

  • Kneel on the four limbs, with the knees under the hips and hands under the shoulders.

  • Maintaining straight back and neck, and not closing elbows.

  • Slowly move the lower back toward the heels, and hold for one deep breath before returning to the starting position.

  • Repeat the method from eight to 10 times, taking under consideration stretching only as far because the person feels comfortable, and not exercising when affected by knee problems.

Rotary stretching exercise

This exercise is often done (in English: Rotational Stretch) by following these steps:

  • Lie on the rear with the knees bent, and feet flat on the bottom.

  • Keep the shoulders staying firm on the bottom, and wrap the bent knees together to at least one side.

  • Hold for five to 10 seconds, then return to the first position.

  • Repeat the method on the opposite side.

  • Repeat the exercise two to 3 times on all sides, preferably just one occasion within the morning and again in the dark.

Reverse arms and legs lifting exercise

This exercise is often practiced (in English: Opposite Arm & Leg Raise) by following these steps:

  • Place the knees and hands on the bottom, keeping them nearly by the width of the shoulders, with the hip bent at a 90-degree angle.

  • Lift the proper arm, left leg off the bottom, keeping the rear, and abdominal muscles steady.

  • Repeat the exercise for the opposite side by raising the left arm and right leg.

  • Repeat the exercise ten to fifteen times for every side.

  • Ensure that the top and back remain in an optimal position during movement, also as keep the shoulders and hips still in situ.

Superman stretching exercise

This exercise is often practiced (in English: Prone Back Extension) by:

  • Lie on the bottom, with the face on the bottom, with arms extended on each side, and a towel is often placed under the front, to lift the front slightly from the bottom.

  • Tighten the abdominal muscles to support the rear, then lift the chest and leave the bottom, while maintaining the steadiness of the feet on the bottom, and make sure that the neck remains at the extent of the spine.

  • Return to the starting position, and repeat the method ten to fifteen times.

  • Exercise strength is often increased by extending the arms forward and placing hands on top of the top.

  • Take care to not lift the top quite (20-30) cm from the bottom to avoid exposure to excessive stretching.

  • The feet are often raised while the torso is raised during this exercise.

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