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Do strength training exercises

Strength training is one of the exercises that require strengthening muscles, as it helps to burn fat and get rid of it, by increasing the number of calories that the body can burn at rest, and from strength exercises: weight lifting exercise.

Drink tea

Green and black tea contain caffeine, which is a stimulant that increases calorie burning, as it gives a feeling of energy in the short term, which means more movement, and more calories burned. Studies have proven that drinking tea with meals has a clear effect in fighting fat, and may conflict As the body absorbs carbohydrates.

Eat protein

Protein maintains a slowing of the metabolic rate, which is a major component of the muscle-building diet, and given that it is difficult for the body to burn protein quickly, this leads to an increase in calorie burning after a meal, and one of its positives is not feeling hungry for a period of time after eating it.

Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast helps curb appetite throughout the day, as it gives the primary energy to the body, and limits large amounts of food for lunch and dinner. Examples of healthy and rich breakfasts include oatmeal with fresh fruits and low-fat milk, or a cup of tea, which leads to the maintenance of metabolism and energy levels throughout the day.

Drinking water

Water helps to moisturize the body and enhance its vitality, which leads to weight loss and loss because the bodies do not distinguish between feeling thirsty and hungry, so it is preferable to drink water throughout the day to feel full and reduce the desire to eat snacks between the main meals, and adding fruits with water gives it More delicious and attractive to drink.

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