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The quick diet is characterized by that it doesn't require an extended time to try to to it and at an equivalent time its result's satisfactory within the case of a special day that needs him to be followed, but what are his problems?

Many people resort to a quick diet that helps in losing weight during a short time, and this technique may achieve a satisfactory result, but reciprocally, a fast diet causes some health damage to the body.

What's the best rate of healthy weight loss per week?

With the beginning of a replacement diet regimen, the body can lose quite 2 kilograms in only the primary week, on the other hand, the speed of weight loss decreases.

In order for the load loss to be healthy and without side effects, it's recommended that the loss ranges between 1 to three kilograms per week, up to a maximum.

As for quite that, it exposes the body to weakness and lots of health problems.

Does losing weight fast make sure that it's not gained again?

A person often acquires a big amount of weight that he lost if he followed a quick diet, after just one year of this diet.

In the case of following a healthy and fast diet, the loss isn't due in most cases, to the foods that continuously gain weight, except within the case of not maintaining healthy food intake.

Also, rapid weight loss isn't necessarily a loss of fat. Rather, this loss is from muscles and water. Consequently, it's considered an imaginary weight loss and quickly returns. As for healthy weight loss, it ensures the health of the muscles and therefore the body.

The dangers of following a quick weight-loss regimen

Although following a quick diet to reduce is simpler, but it's not recommended to try to to it because it causes many health damages, because the fast diet is extremely low in calories and healthy foods.

Here are the main health problems that occur as a result of rapid weight loss:

1. Slow down the metabolism

Fast weight loss by eating fewer calories slows down the body's metabolism.

The explanation for this is often that this rapid weight loss results in muscle loss and a decrease within the level of hormones that regulate metabolism, like a hormone .

This slow metabolism may persist for an extended time even after the fast diet has ended.

2. Undernutrition and malnutrition

If you are doing not eat the healthy food your body needs daily, you'll be susceptible to malnutrition and undernutrition, and therefore the many weaknesses and health problems that it follows, because it can lead to:

Hair loss: Because it doesn't get what it needs from the weather and vitamins that help the expansion and health, and thus the hair begins to fall out.

Anemia and extreme fatigue: The body doesn't absorb an adequate portion of iron, vitamin B12, and vitamin Bc, and thus suffers from severe fatigue and anemia.

Weak immunity: the probabilities of infection from any disease or virus transmitted by contamination or an individual with a communicable disease increase, therefore the system cannot fight it because it's weak.

Weakness and osteoporosis: This is often caused by a scarcity of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus, which the body needs for strong muscular tonus.

3. Gallstones

Gallstones are pieces made from solid materials that form inside the gallbladder, and that they are more likely to be infected if no daily food intake is acceptable for the body's need.

This is because bitterness triggers digestive juices to interrupt down fatty foods until they're easy to digest, and within the event that you simply don't eat the proper amounts of food you'll not need bitterness to release digestive juices and therefore the substances remain for an extended time without breaking right down to form stones.

These stones can collect inside the gallbladder opening and cause severe pain, indigestion, and constipation.

4. Headache and fatigue

When the body gets won't to eating large quantities of food, stopping this suddenly makes the person feel very hungry.

As he continues to not eat the food he needs for an extended time, he will feel unwell and reduce the extent of energy needed to continue his daily tasks.

This often leads to dizziness, headache, muscle cramps, severe laziness, a sense of cold, and other side effects.

5. Irregular menstruation

A sudden weight loss and eating specific and limited food items causes an imbalance altogether body functions and hormones, including hormones liable for the cycle.

In addition, anemia results in a decrease within the amount of menorrhea, and ladies begin to note their irregularity, which affects their chances of getting children if they're married because they also affect ovulation.

The weakness of the body as a result of not eating healthy and integrated food causes a scarcity of fertility during a woman.

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