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Leg extension

The leg exercise helps to strengthen the quadriceps muscles, and is done through the following:

  • Sit on a chair upright, with the back flat.

  • Stretch one leg forward until it's completely straight.

  • Ensure that the leg is parallel to the ground, that the ankles are bent toward the knee, and therefore the toes are upward to succeed in the perfect position.

  • Slowly lower the foot down toward the bottom, and repeat the movement 8-12 times per leg.

Hip exercise

This exercise is done by bending to the level of the waist, with the involvement of the buttocks and hamstrings to raise the body up, knowing that this exercise helps to strengthen the muscles to protect the knee joints, through the use of light weights by:

  • Stand upright parallel to the feet, so that the distance is about the width of the hips, with hands placed on the hips.

  • Tilt forward quietly, then pause at the waist, and then shift the weight from feet to heels.

  • Once you reach the point that extends the tendon of the knee, and without bending it must stop, and then return to the top.

  • Ensure that the hamstrings are tight and the muscles of the buttocks up to reach the top, and repeat the exercise 12-15 times.

Squat exercise

The squat exercise is done by following these steps:

  • Keep feet on the floor, standing alongside the wall, so that the distance between the feet is approximately the width of the shoulder.

  • Bend your knees and descend slowly, keeping the back and sink adjacent to the wall.

  • Stay for 5-10 seconds like this, with a little bending.

  • When you feel pressure or discomfort in the knees, the position should be changed.

  • Repeat the exercise and try to hold the position for a few seconds or more at a time.

Step Exercise

The steps are practiced through the following:

  • Place one foot on a bench, or on anything high.

  • Height slightly in the body, making sure that the other toes touch the ground gently, and then stand again.

  • Repeat 10-15 times, replacing legs.

Ball exercise

This exercise is done through:

  • Lie on the back and stretch the legs, with feet placed over the ball.

  • Raise the hips and pull the ball to the level of the hips, and repeat the exercise 8-12 times for 3 times per week.

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