lundi 3 février 2020

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An apple each day keeps the doctor away a day. this is often what the proverb says about the importance and benefits of apples, but what has science found to prove this?

The results of a study published within the scientific journal (EBioMedicine) revealed the presence of a particular compound during a number of fruits like apples and strawberries that hamper the aging process in humans.

Aging may be a result of the aging of the cells of the body, as these cells become indivisible with age, to offer signals to the system by getting obviate them.

In general, age makes the method of getting obviate these cells harder and slower, which results in cell accumulation and aging.

In this study, the researchers examined ten of the present flavonoids in food and located that fisetin was simpler in slowing the aging process and helping the system get obviate older cells.

The researchers noted that this compound is found naturally in apples, strawberries, cucumbers, and onions also.

After the researchers experimented with mice, they found that this compound reduced the number of aging cells within the body, which increased their life and slowed the aging process.

The researchers stressed that this experiment is that the initiative for the large research, working to review the effect of this compound on humans, to make sure this relationship and its application, which helps in developing a drug that contains the compound within the future, in doses appropriate for the goal.

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