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Squat exercises for slimming

Squat exercises, also known as squatting exercises, are a group of exercises that focus on building and strengthening lower body muscles, such as leg muscles, back muscles, and abdominal muscles. Squat exercises are classified as strength exercises, where many avoid avoiding them, due to their difficult belief. Its performance and its ineffectiveness in burning fat, but the fact of the matter differ from that, because squat exercises stimulate a large number of muscles to move, contract and stretch at the same time, which stimulates the body to burn more quantities of fat, with its ability to provide greater amounts of energy Nobody You will continue with this physical activity.

The benefits of squat exercises

Strengthening the heart muscle: Squat exercises contribute to stimulating the work of the blood circulation and pumping blood from the heart to the rest of the body. It also helps to strengthen the heart muscles and improve their performance, in addition to strengthening the walls of blood vessels and preventing the occurrence of blood clotting in any of them.
Calorie Burning: Squat exercises help you burn calories effectively, and to achieve this it is important to keep doing it daily without interruption.
It does not cause any negative effect on the back: Despite the general misconceptions regarding the negative impact of squat exercises on the back, and its pressure on the spine and back pain, this type of exercise does not create much pressure on the spine, And also contribute to strengthening the muscles of the back if performed correctly.
Butt enlargement: Many women resort to squat exercises to enlarge the flat or small butt, as squat exercises increase the muscles in the butt area and increase their muscle size reasonably.
Improving the way you walk: Squat exercises tighten all the muscles in the lower body, including the muscles of the feet, which contributes to obtaining a tight and harmonious body, which helps to walk at a steady and balanced pace.

How to perform squat exercises

A variety of squat exercises are available, and the simplest is:
  • Stand upright, with legs apart and arms extended in a horizontal line forward.

  • Bend the knees and land the body downward, while allowing the back to curve naturally without exaggerating the curve, making the knees a right angle.

  • Hold the previous position for a few seconds, then extend the legs while keeping the back straight.
Squat exercises can be performed with the help of weights as follows:
  • Stand upright with the legs rounded together and hold a dumbbell in both hands.

  • Bend the right knee towards the bottom, with the left leg falling toward the back and the left foot anchored to the tips of the fingers, keeping the left knee above the ground level.

  • Return to the standing position and repeat the exercise the same way with the right leg.

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