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What matters most to diabetics is to require care of their health and look out of them to avoid serious complications, it's known that diabetes causes serious health complications that affect the varied organs of the body, where high blood glucose level affects the guts, liver, kidneys, brain, and other body parts Important, diabetes may cause with age many other diseases, which is what many studies and research project are currently curious about going to know, and warn people with diabetes from it, to avoid the varied damages which will befall them.

Diabetes and Alzheimer's: Many studies have linked diabetes to Alzheimer's disease, it's true that there are an outsized number of old studies that have shown that it is often a robust relationship between diabetes and dementia or Alzheimer's, but these studies haven't provided strong and clear evidence of that, She didn't receive much attention, and was forgotten and ignored in what yet.

But a recent Japanese study conducted at the University of "Kyushu" within the city "Fukuoka" Japanese, this study confirmed that there's a really strong relationship between the incidence of diabetes in childhood and therefore the incidence of Alzheimer's in adulthood, where the study showed that the high level of sugar within the blood causes with age Alzheimer's infection, as people that don't control diabetes have the foremost vulnerable to Alzheimer's disease compared to diabetics who follow an honest treatment and diet.

This study has conducted research on quite 1000 people that suffer from diabetes, or diabetes, and that they are men and ladies who have exceeded the age of 60, and tests are finished these people to spot the extent of sugar in their blood, and studies have revealed that about 250 of those people already suffer from, or are close to developing, Alzheimer's disease. As for the remainder of them, they suffer from diabetes but their blood glucose levels are acceptable, and shut to the traditional rates don't pose any danger, and may coexist with them without worry.

The study found another clear evidence confirming the impact of diabetes on Alzheimer's infection. Several statistics monitored the rise within the number of individuals with Alzheimer's in conjunction with a rise within the number of diabetes cases, which confirms the validity of what was mentioned during this study.

Why does Alzheimer's diabetes cause: The study showed that the rationale for Alzheimer's for diabetics is that the effect of harmful diabetes on the blood vessels, where high blood glucose results in damage to the blood vessels within the brain gradually, and with the time, sufficient oxygen gets to the brain and therefore the existing remembering center is broken. With it, the probabilities of developing Alzheimer's disease increase, and therefore the less control of diabetes, the greater the danger of developing the disease.

An American study confirms that diabetes causes Alzheimer's disease:
After listening to what was mentioned within the Japanese study, an American study was also published by a team of researchers at the center at the University of "Roche" in Chicago, where this study demonstrated that diabetes increases the danger of developing Alzheimer's by 65%, where researchers explained that diabetes causes damage The nerves within the brain, alongside damage to the blood vessels.

How to prevent diabetics from Alzheimer's: The study stressed that caring for the acceptable food for diabetics and avoiding high blood glucose is that the only way that helps prevent dementia and Alzheimer's within the past, because the researchers stressed that exercising works to guard against Alzheimer's disease, where Stimulating blood circulation helps to scale back blood glucose, additionally to protecting the blood vessels and nerves within the brain from damage, and good medical follow-up results in avoiding any damages which will result from diabetes within the future with age.

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