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One leg press

This exercise is administered by performing regular pressure exercises, but with one foot raised from the bottom, and completing this exercise during this position, because it adds more weight to the upper a part of the body, and thus increases pressure on this part, and revitalizes the middle of the body.

Low-push-up exercise

The low-pressure workout focuses on the front of the shoulders, and on the highest of the chest muscles, and is performed by following these steps:
Place the feet on a raised surface.
Laying hands on the bottom over a wider range of shoulders.
Movement up and right down to perform the exercise.

High-push-up exercise

The high-pressure exercise focuses on the center and lower chest muscles and is applied by:
Place hands on a raised surface.
Put feet on the bottom, knowing that the upper the surface, the less effective the high-pressure workout.

Push-up exercise with a medical ball

The exercise is administered with both hands on the ball, and therefore the feet stretched and backward and is completed as follows:
Bend the elbows to lower the chest toward the ball.
Lift the left and place it on the ground.
Leave the proper hand on the ball, then repeat the steps with the proper hand.

Stress exercise with a stationary ball

This exercise is administered by following the subsequent steps:
Putting my wrists on a hard and fastball.
Lower the shoulders to the extent of the ankles.
Squeeze the ball together with your hands, ensuring to stretch the feet straight back.

Spiderman compression exercise

Spiderman compression exercise is performed by following these steps:
Prepare the body consistent with the position of normal pressure exercises.
Lower the chest towards the ground, by bending the elbows.
Bend the proper foot until the knee comes into contact with the proper chest muscle, ensuring to repeat the procedure using the left foot.

Oblique pressure exercises

This exercise is administered by the following:
Prepare the body consistent with the position of the traditional pressure training.
Put your hands on the ground a touch wider than the space between the shoulders.
Bring the proper hand forward by an in. or two, and delay the left by an in. or two.
Complete the specified number of exercises, repeat the exercise with the left forward and therefore the right backward.

Push-up exercise with front clapping

This exercise helps to strengthen the fibers of the chest muscles, and to make more pressure and endurance and is administered by:
Start consistent with the traditional pressure position, then lift the thing firmly off the bottom.
Hands clap ahead of the body, then back to normal.

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