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Cardio exercises are a group of exercises that help to lose weight through the movement of muscles, as they rid the body of excess fat by exerting effort that increases the heart rate, and these exercises are practiced for half an hour daily and are also beneficial for all people in general and for women, in particular, To build body muscles and stimulate blood circulation, these exercises can be practiced at home, streets and clubs as they do not need special equipment and machines that require going to the special halls for that.

Do cardio exercises

Benefits of doing cardio exercises

  • Burning excess accumulated fat in the body.

  • Build and show muscles and four-dimensional body sculpting.

  • Increased blood circulation activity.

  • Improve mood and relieve nervous tension and stress.

  • Get rid of inactivity and laziness.

  • Increased attention, concentration and mental abilities.

  • Protect the body from diabetes because it balances blood sugar.

  • Protecting the body from heart disease, as it reduces harmful cholesterol deposited on the arteries and increases the beneficial cholesterol in the body.

  • Regulating and improving the breathing process, as it increases the muscle strength of the rib cage muscles.

Types of cardio exercises

Walking: This kind of exercise can be practiced properly in the street or at home or walking on the treadmill for half an hour on the first day. In the following week, walking distance increases and the speed of walking increases, so this increases the calorie-burning rate in the body.

Swimming: There are different types of swimming that can be practiced and are useful for strengthening the muscles of the heart, arms, and back, and this sport increases the burning of calories in the whole body because it depends on moving the body completely.

Stair climbing: It is a sport that can be done daily, and stare climbing is suitable for people who have proven weight during a diet, as it is useful in slimming the buttocks and thighs in addition to stimulating blood circulation.

Rope jumping: Rope jumping reduces weight, as it depends on moving the thighs, arms, and legs.

Riding a bike: The body gets rid of the accumulated fat in the abdomen, thighs, and legs because it depends on moving the bike while exercising, and this sport burns 300 calories from the weight.

Mountain climbing: This exercise must be practiced every two minutes, then take a break. This exercise reduces the weight of the abdomen, thighs, and legs and burns the accumulated fat in it.

Running: This sport can be practiced so that running is done in the same place or running in large areas for a period ranging between 10-20 minutes per day, this reduces body fat as a whole provided that the period is increased weekly.

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