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Use of weights

One of the simplest exercises for biceps muscle is arm bending, and it is often done using dumbbells, Barbell, or exercise machines, taking under consideration the acceptable weight selection, which is that the weight an individual can lift 8-12 times, respectively. one of the important notes within the performance of this exercise is to take care of the position of the elbows on the side and to not lift them.

Lie down and lift weights

Lying Triceps Press is one among the exercises that strengthen this muscle, and may be done through the subsequent steps:

  • Laying on the rear on a bench.

  • Raise the (Barbell) in order that the hands become straight and carry the load.

  • Slowly lower the load to the forehead, while breathing slowly.

  • Lift the load copy.

  • Repeat the exercise supported the coach's instructions.

Notes: Before doing this exercise, you want to choose the acceptable weight, especially just in case of problems with the elbows, and it's worth noting that it's possible to use dumbbells rather than the (Barbell).

push up

The push-up exercise is one of the only and best exercises for the upper body. It activates multiple muscles, including chest muscles, and therefore the muscles of Triangulum. It is often done through:

  • Lie on the ground.

  • Lay hands under the shoulders, and extend the hands behind the trunk.

  • Tighten the chest and buttocks and descend in order that the chest touches the bottom.

  • Lift the trunk to the start line, keeping it during a line.

  • The stomach should be kept tight during exercise to guard the lower back.

  • The butt shouldn't be lifted, as during a bicycle ride, as this reduces the pressure on the trunk and, consequently, reduces exercise effectiveness.

  • It is imperative to try to to the complete exercise by touching the bottom, then lifting the stem to the utmost extent, because not touching the bottom reduces the effectiveness of the exercise.

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