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Back fat

The location of stored fat in the body depends on the genetic influence and diet, and both the lower back and the sides are considered difficult areas to get rid of the accumulated fat, and they usually accumulate in the form of fat deposits, but they can be disposed of by adhering to exercise. And a healthy diet, both of which help reduce fatty deposits in all areas of the body.

Types of back fat exercises

Back fat is distributed in the upper, middle, and lower part, and it is worth noting that there is no way to get rid of these fats completely, but it can be greatly reduced, through high-intensity aerobic exercises, which are considered the best way to burn fats and calories. Note that it is possible to focus on specific exercises depending on the location of the fat pool, in order to lose fat, and build muscle in that region, and thus the consistency of the back shape and the following is an illustration of the types of exercises, depending on the places of fat gathering:

  • Shoulder strengthening exercises: Building strong shoulders helps reduce the size of the back area under the shoulders, such as weight lifting.

  • Mid-back exercises: Muscle strengthening in this area helps increase its consistency, and reduces the size of the waist area, such as the lateral pull-down exercise.

  • Waist exercises: These exercises help to reduce the size of the waist from the back, such as strengthening exercises for oblique abdominal muscles, and erectile muscles of the spine (English: Erector Spinae muscles), and the length of the spine, where strengthening these muscles to determine the sides of the body, and these exercises Side bend exercise, with or without extra weight, and it strengthens the sides of the body, in addition to oblique crunches, which target the abdominal muscles and oblique back.

  • Lower back exercises: Relaxing abdominal fat makes them more visible, and these exercises may help to strengthen lower back muscles, such as the back extension exercise.

Examples of back fat exercises

The back exercises should start slowly, then increase the strength and duration of the exercise, as well as keep breathing comfortably, steady, [1] and here comes an explanation of the way to perform some exercises that help tighten the back area, and reduce fat in it, which can be seen in the form of Videos on various websites, such as YouTube, to facilitate their implementation, including:

Side leg lift: Here is a mention of the application steps for the exercise:

  • Lie on the ground, on the right side, leg, and hip directly, and the right arm can be positioned behind the head, or in front of the body, to achieve balance and support.

  • Place the left leg over the right part.

  • Lifting both legs off the ground during exhalation by about (7-10) cm.

  • Lower the legs again toward the ground during inhalation, while keeping the feet slightly above the ground.

  • Repeat this movement (6-8) times, before returning the feet again to the ground.

  • Switch to the left, and repeat the exercise.

Cat-cow stretching exercise: This exercise can be performed using the following steps:

  • Rests on the wrists straight with the shoulders, and the knees straight with the hips.

  • Moving the abdomen, going back down during inhalation, and raising the chin to the highest possible degree, looking at the ceiling; where the spine should form a shape similar to the letter (U).

  • Lift the abdomen toward the spine while exhaling, and bending the rear.

  • Move the chin toward the chest, as you exhale.

  • Repeat this movement (4-5) times, with the need to focus on breathing.

Swimming posture exercise: How to do this exercise is as shown in the following:

  • Lie on the stomach, and place the arms facing forward.

  • Lift the arms and legs slowly off the ground, and move them, like swimming in the air.

  • Lift the right arm, and the left leg up at the same time, during inhalation, then exhale.

  • Lift the left arm, the proper leg up, perform the swimming movements within the air, and repeat the movements.

Back extension exercises:

  • Lie on the abdomen.

  • Keep the arms on either side of the torso, and press the hands toward the thighs.

  • Put the legs next to each other.

  • Lift the upper torso from the bottom while inhaling, while keeping the toes on the bottom.

  • Ensure that the back and abdomen are moved to allow the torso to extend upward.

  • Lower the torso downward as you exhale.

  • Repeat the movement (6-8) times.

Pull-ups Exercises: This exercise is carried out in two simple steps, which are:

  • The crossbows are attached to the arms straight, with the distance between the hands being the width of the shoulders.

  • Pull the body upward by bending the elbows, and back to the bottom when the chin reaches the bar level.

Bent-over dumbbell rows: How to perform this exercise is in the following steps:

  • Carry iron weights, or dumbbells, in both hands, and stand oblique, so that the upper part of the body is at a 45-degree angle toward the ground, and the arms should hang forward vertically to the ground.

  • Laying the head, neck, and back straight, bending the elbows and lifting dumbbells to both sides, while maintaining the position of the elbows near the body.

  • Pause when the dumbbells reach the waist, and slowly return the handily.

Pilates overhead press: This is done as follows:

  • Sitting on the floor, with the legs bent, and toe forward.

  • Carrying a dumbbell with a weight of (2-4) kg in all sides, as long as the within of the hand is against the direction of the body, and lift the hands upward.

  • Return to the starting point, and repeat the exercise.

Arm slide exercise: represented by the following steps:

  • Sit on the hands, knees, and place the slip tool, or any similar object, such as paperboards, or small towels under the soles of the hands.

  • Stretch the muscles, and begin pushing the hands as far forward as possible, without completely touching the body to the bottom.

  • Slowly return to starting position, by pulling the hands back toward the chest.

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