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Superman position exercise on the ground

Superman posture exercise contributes to completely enhancing the performance of the rear muscles, and it also improves the performance of the muscles that help the rear and spine movement called the “erect spinal muscles”. it's performed through the subsequent steps:

  • Lie on the abdomen taking under consideration the proximity of the feet to every other.

  • Extend the arms above the top.

  • Keeping your abdominal muscles tight.

  • Keep the neck straight with the spine.

  • Lift the arms with the chest and legs, hold the position for about 5 seconds, then return to the comfort position.

Bridge exercise

The bridge exercise targets the muscles that promote back support and body balance, including the "spinal muscles" of the spine, and is performed by:

  • Lie on the rear.

  • Bend your knees with care to place both feet on the ground.

  • Arm's must be extended to the side of your body

  • Pressing the feet to boost the hips while maintaining the strain of the abdominal muscles.

  • Lift one among the feet off the bottom, then put it back on and lift the opposite foot.

  • Repeat the exercise several times.

Maneuvering exercise

Maneuvering exercise helps support the rear and abdomen and is performed by:

  • Lie on the bottom with feet straight, with feet apart, in order that they are doing not move further than the width of the hips.

  • Hands must be placed on each side of your body.

  • Take a deep breath and take it out.

  • When taking a deep breath, the navel should be pulled towards the spine, counting on the muscles of the abdomen, and therefore the hips shouldn't be tilted.

  • Hold this position for five seconds, then return to resting position and re-exercising five times.

Partial Curvature Exercise

Partial curvature training helps support the muscles of the spine and is performed by:

  • Lie on the ground and place the feet straight.

  • Bend the knees.

  • Place hands on chest.

  • Take a deep breath and take it out, and pull the navel toward the spine using the abdominal muscles.

  • Then slowly raise the shoulders off the bottom and make sure that the neck is during a straight posture with the spine.

  • Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise ten times for 3 sessions.

Rowing exercise

The rowing exercise contributes to putting together the rear muscles, and is performed in gyms employing a sort of machines that simulate the rowing process, where sitting is as if an individual is during a boat, then pulling weights into it, taking under consideration the utilization of legs to push the bar forward.

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