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The worst feeling for a woman or man who wants to lose weight is going through is the moment her diet failed.

The woman seeks and exerts all her efforts through following a harsh and difficult diet in order to get rid of her extra weight and eliminate the problem of obesity that she suffers from, causing her feelings of distress, sadness, and discomfort. And with continuing to lose weight after the diet, she is surprised that she has not lost the extra weight that she wants to lose, and she starts looking for all the causes and factors leading to the diet, without looking to there are severe psychological causes that are the biggest cause. But what are these bad psychological causes that lead to diet failure? Follow this article, dear woman, and know the answer to this question!

Anxiety and stress

The psychological state has an important role in the success of diet and contributes significantly to weight loss and the disposal of excess fat, in addition to its role in supporting the body with energy for burning high calories. If a severe mental disorder occurs for a woman, such as anxiety and stress for anything, then a body disorder will occur and he cannot contribute to losing excess weight, and thus the woman’s diet will fail. Where the more a woman has a feeling of anxiety and psychological stress, the more she has a sense of extreme hunger, and her desire to eat sugars and sweets increases in order to improve the mood, get rid of the negative energy that is exposed to her and then increases her weight, and the diet fails due to the fact that tension and anxiety is the enemy of agility.

Frustration and despair

Bad psychological factors that lead to the failure of the harsh diet regime to which women are subjected are feelings of frustration, despair, lack of optimism and hope for the success of the diet. When a woman experiences feelings of frustration or is dominated by a sense of despair in the success of her diet, it results in a loss of will and determination to resist hunger and eat fatty foods and delicious sweets, and her desires fall under the list of foods rich in fats and starchy materials. Inside, the woman says that the diet did not work, and therefore her desire to continue following the diet and the food diet she is subject to is interrupted, and this in itself is one of the most important reasons for the failure of the diet. Therefore, a woman must have hope and optimism, strengthen her will to lose excess weight, have a graceful and ideal body, and be completely freed from the limitations of her feelings of frustration and despair.

Depression and isolation

As for the woman’s sense of severe depression, and indulging in cases of isolation and loneliness, it is one of the most prominent psychological reasons that lead to the failure of diet in a certain way. When a woman enters a state of depression for anything, this inevitably affects the metabolism or metabolism responsible for burning fat and getting rid of extra calories in the body, and her speed in the body decreases dramatically. Also, when a woman is exposed to severe depression, it causes great disruption in the thyroid gland functions, and when there is an imbalance in the hyper or hypothyroidism, it causes obesity and obesity. This is in addition to the effect of depression on the brain and brain cells, causing a malfunction in the performance of its function, so the person increases the quantities of food intake to feel psychological satisfaction.

Sadness and distress

One of the poor psychological causes associated with the failure of the diet regime in women is the incidence of grief and distress. When a woman feels sad and distressed as a result of exposure to severe psychological pressures, it turns into a feeling of eating greedily, and not because she is seeking hunger, but she sees that eating for her is a haven for psychological comfort, and considers that it is the natural solution to deal with the sadness and distress she is exposed to, for example After a bad day at work, or even after a fight with one of those close to her. This type of binge eating is linked to the causes of sadness and psychological distress that the diet does not like. On the contrary, the diet itself may increase feelings of depression, frustration, and despair, and therefore diet does not work.

Boredom and anger

Also, the woman’s feeling of boredom and routine during the day is one of the major psychological causes of sabotaging her diet. Feelings of boredom and daily routine cause a woman to increase her feeling of eating too much, so she cannot control her desire to eat fatty foods and sweets rich in fat and sugar. The feelings of emotion and excessive nervousness also cause a large disruption in the functions of the brain and brain cells, which increases the woman’s desire to eat more quantities of food, and this is the result of sending the brain signals to the digestive system, which also causes an imbalance in the metabolism rates responsible for burning fat.

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