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Obesity and fat accumulation

The accumulation of fat within the physical body isn't considered one among the items that one should underestimate, because this accumulation may cause calamities and calamities on the person as a result of the obesity and excessive mass that it causes, which can inevitably harm him and his health to the utmost extent. The diseases caused by Obesity is certainly serious illnesses, like a heart condition, joint diseases, difficulty breathing, and difficulty performing any duty during the day and night of human day, additionally to several other problems.

Many of the obesity caused by the buildup of fat seek to urge obviate their extra masses, but the sole thanks to doing that is by doing exercise while adjusting the amounts of food that an individual consumes daily, and for exercising people may attend sports clubs, and should practice walking, but they're in Some days they'll be unable to travel outside the house for one reason or another, so variety of exercises are developed that help burn fat from home, and may even be performed anywhere else.

Exercises to burn fat

push up

This exercise helps revitalize many muscles of the body in several areas of the physical body and also helps to strengthen nerves, additionally strengthening and stimulating blood circulation within the body, apart from its high ability to burn fat if it's practiced correctly. It is often done by lying flat on the bottom, lifting the body using the arms, and fixing the body on the palms of the hands, then taking place until the chest touches the bottom, then rising again.

Crawling exercise

A beautiful, uncomplicated exercise. All that an individual need is to lean forward while standing straight until he touches the bottom with both hands with a small bend of the knees then begins walking on the proper leg, the proper hand, the left leg, and therefore the left.

Yoga exercise

This exercise is taken into account one among the simplest exercises that help the physical body to relax well, because it is in its various positions that help the body be ready to strengthen muscles and strengthen bones, additionally to ridding the person of some difficult pains which will accompany an individual like back pain, neck, and lots of From other pains.

Jump exercise

This exercise is often done employing a trampoline, or it's possible, if not available, to try to to it without a tool by constantly jumping from the bottom to the utmost height, as this exercise softens the body parts, additionally to vibrating while jumping.

Sliding exercise

This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles within the legs, additionally to burning fat, by placing the palms on the waist, then introducing the left leg to the nations and making it at an angle of about ninety degrees, then switch with the proper hand.

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