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Collagen is one of the types of natural protein produced by the skin, and maintains the freshness and moisture necessary; to remain young, the problem is that the percentage of collagen produced by the skin decreases with age, which explains the appearance of wrinkles.

All types of creams available on the market to preserve the skin and resist wrinkles. Its main role is to provide the skin with alternative collagen that compensates the skin for cellular insufficiency, but the absorption of the cream and the use of its components are important not achieved by 100%, while there are factors that prevent the absorption of the cream and nourishing the skin with necessary collagen.

Experts advised eating foods rich in collagen, as this would nourish the skin from inside and fight wrinkles.

1- Soyfoods

Eating a serving of soy milk, soybeans, or even soy sauce, stimulates the skin to produce collagen and regenerate cells.

2- Leafy vegetables

Leafy greens like spinach, cabbage, and watercress contain essential vitamins for the skin like vitamin B12 as well as collagen.

3- Dark fruit

Like plums, berries, and Romans, they are all choices that contain antioxidants that help regenerate cells and produce collagen for young, fresh skin.

4- Omega 3

Like fish, nuts, and olive oil, these foods supply the body with omega-3 to replenish cells and lower cholesterol as well.

5- Dark chocolate

It is one of the richest foods with natural collagen, and it also contains antioxidants that regenerate cells and increase burning.

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