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The pressure exercise can be done by lying on the abdomen and then resting the body on the toes, where the hands are below the level of the shoulders while keeping the body straight, and then raising the body through the straightening of the hands and bringing the body closer to it from the ground so that it does not touch it but is about one inch away, And repeat it more than once.


Swimming is a sport that helps to lose weight clearly, in addition to making the body stronger and healthier, when swimming for an hour can burn from 500 to 700 calories, because during swimming a large number of the main muscles in the body, including the abdominal muscles, are moved. Buttocks, arms and legs, and it is worth noting that if a person commits to swimming in addition to other aerobic sports such as walking and running, he will get better results.

Plank exercise

This exercise can be done by lying on the abdomen, raising the body with the toes so that the legs are straight, and the front of the body is based on the elbows and arms forward, and the muscles of the abdomen must be tightened and stay in the same position for two minutes, and then go down to the starting point and repeat the exercise more than Once.

Lunges exercise

The lunges exercise is an important exercise to lose weight, and can be done by standing and leaving a distance between the feet, so that it is equal to the width of the pelvis, and then carrying the weights, and walking a step forward in the right foot, with the necessity of keeping the spine straight, and lowering the body down until there is a right angle between the left and right leg, and stay in this position for some time, and then return to the starting point, and repeat the process with the other leg, and then repeat the exercise ten times for each leg.

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