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The perennial and customary question, especially among those affected by overweight problems, is "What is that the best diet regimen?"

What is the simplest diet to decide to follow and obtain the simplest results ?!
 Any diet which will be maintained for an extended time without side effects that negatively affect your health, taking into consideration your medical and medical record and your mental state, we will consider it an appropriate diet regimen.

To follow a healthy diet system that helps you get effective and immediate results, follow these steps:

  • Observing the healthy foundations of the healthy dieting system such as: eating balanced and comprehensive food, which contains most of the required nutrients, additionally to taking under consideration the amount of meals and their size, in order that the dieting system includes three main meals and two light meals between meals a minimum of while regulating the hours of eating meals.
  • Reduce your calories to match the quantity of consumption appropriate for you.
  • It is very necessary to stick to a healthy breakfast meal at fixed times on a day to day due to its benefit to the health of the body and weight loss, as adhering thereto will help metabolism in your body to stay fast and at the extent required to burn fat. Also, breakfast should include the required food groups for your body.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • It should be borne in mind that rock bottom permissible calories throughout the day is 1,000 calories and are gradually reached, consistent with several factors that are due to the character of the lifetime of the person following this diet, and fewer than these calories during the day is dangerous to your health and safety and has caused your body to starve and enter it during a whirlpool Poor diet and drawbacks.
  • You should know that a healthy and normal weight loss during the week when following a healthy diet and a body that doesn't suffer from any diseases or obstacles that impede weight loss is that the equivalent of half a kilogram to at least one and a half kilograms.

And have spread many sorts of dieting specializing within the topic of weight loss, like the Atkins diet, the rocket diet, the Dashti diet, the dieting of points, and lots of others, so how can we distinguish between them if they're healthy or follow strict food systems ?! The characteristics of any severe or unhealthy diet are often distinguished when it includes the following:

  • Failure to realize the balance and required diversification within the dieting components of the various food groups, in order that it doesn't include all the food groups and elements necessary for the body, or specialize in one type or sort of food and cancel another type (such as that specialize in proteins at the expense of carbohydrates), this is often included within the dieting list aside from Healthy.
  • Rapid weight and irrational fall, in more than the specified and proper! Losing weight during a short period of your time may cause a rapid increase in weight and double the load.
  • Follow the tactic of starvation and fasting and reduce the number of calories consumed from the daily allowable limit that's appropriate for you.
  • Not following the principle of repetition within the number of meals in order that they're from four to 6 meals each day, which incorporates three main meals and a minimum of two snacks.
  • Lack of exercise and appropriate physical activity alongside following a correct diet.
  • Relying on herbs and weight loss products spread across the market, including pills and creams, without resorting to taking appropriate medical advice.

Finally, we return and remind you that the scientific and health basis and scientifically proven within the matter of treating and lowering weight may be a regimen system that works to gradually reduce during a healthy manner without affecting the health of the body and causing dizziness, weakness, fatigue, hair loss and pallor of the face, which starvation of the body in it's not the idea of following one type or class of food exclusively, then all this may be an explanation for disease and if it doesn't appear then it'll appear later, and it must be remembered that following harsh diets that don't have a health basis may compound your problem with obesity because the weight loss could also be temporary and for a brief period, However, it'll negatively affect metabolism you've got, and burning fat may become slow in your body over time, which can cause accumulation and double your weight later.

And remember the old saying, "What comes quickly goes fast."

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