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Many people eat tons of food during the night, as a result of an increased feeling of hunger during this era of the day, and this hunger features several reasons, and there are ways to scale back this hunger.

Several studies have proven that eating after eight o'clock within the evening increases the problem of burning fat and losing excess weight, as eating late affects the way the body works and results in fat accumulation.

In contrast, many of us feel hungry in the dark so that some people awaken from sleep in the dark to eat, what are the causes of night hunger and the way can this sense be overcome?

Reasons for feeling hungry in the dark

The feeling of night hunger occurs thanks to some reasons, including:

  • The process of digestion: because the digestion of food needs more energy, thus the sensation of fatigue and stress increases, and therefore the body must dine to sleep well.

  • Fleeing with food: As a result of the pressures that folks undergo throughout the day at work and within the various situations it faces, it turns to eat as how to alleviate the anxiety and stress it feels.

  • Not eating during the day: many of us don't eat basic meals within the first two-thirds of the day, "breakfast and lunch", because they're busy with work or not feeling hungry, and therefore the night involves an increase the sensation of hunger and thus eat more food.

  • Feeling fun: this is often a psychological reason, as some people are wont to eating food in the dark, while on TV, eating here is said to happiness and pleasure.

  • Feeling of insomnia: When an individual feels insomnia, he finds ahead of him in the dark aside from opening the refrigerator and eating any foods he finds ahead of him.

Food damage at night

In the case of eating light foods in the dark, this doesn't constitute a risk to the body, but if the foods are fat and filled with fat, this may cause after the negative effects, which are:

  • Weight gain: because the burning in the dark won't be at the daytime rate, and increases the probabilities of storing food within the body, thus accumulating fat.

  • Feeling of depression: an individual may temporarily feel pleasure from eating food in the dark, but if his weight increases and his movement becomes slow, he will develop depression over time.

  • Hormonal upset: Because eating food voraciously in the dark will change the body’s natural system in the dark, causing hormonal disorders and changes.

Ways to beat night hunger

To reduce the sensation of night hunger, some methods ought to be followed:

Provide healthy foods

Which are characterized by few calories, and at an equivalent time light on the stomach in the dark and satiated, the foremost prominent:

  • Fruits: especially people who contain fibers that help block appetite, like apples, bananas, and oranges.

  • Yogurt: it's a light-weight food which will be eaten in the dark and helps digestion better, and a tablespoon of white honey is often added thereto or pieces of fruits for more benefit and delicious taste.

  • Salad: it's preferable to possess a plate of colored salad within the refrigerator albeit we feel hungry in the dark, we eat it, due to its great nutritional value and it doesn't contain many calories.

Eat three meals

It is not necessary to offer up any of the three basic meals, which contain all the nutrients the body needs throughout the day, and thus the sensation of hunger decreases in the dark.

Drinking water

When we feel hungry in the dark, it's preferable to drink water first, because the rationale is often thirst, not hunger, and after beverage, the sensation of hunger may fade.

Regular sleep

One of the items that result in hunger is sleep disturbances and insomnia, but if we get won't to sleeping well and taking enough rest, we'll not need to awaken within the evening and eat.

It is also advised to avoid drinking stimuli in the dark because it results in insomnia and therefore the inability to sleep well in the dark.

Doing activities

This makes the individual busy and doesn't believe eating, since the long free time without taking advantage of its results in the illusion of feeling hungry, but if we've something that occupies us during the night period we'll not resort to eating.

Favorite activities in the dark include reading a useful book, playing some sport, or taking note of favorite music.

And if you continue to feel the hunger in the dark with the appliance of those methods, you'll resort to a nutrition specialist who will assist you to beat the matter after knowing the explanations that cause you to feel hungry in the dark.

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