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Ways to follow the diet of water

Drink half a liter of water before meals

It is recommended to drink about half a liter of water half an hour before the date of eating any meal, as this helps to reduce, additionally thereto it sings on calorie-rich drinks and helps to realize a healthy weight. A study conducted in 2015 showed that folks who drank Amount of water before eating meals reduced their calorie consumption by 40 calories per meal, and lost more weight than those that didn't drink water before meals.

A group of British researchers also conducted a study on a gaggle of individuals who were overweight, who drank half a liter of water about half an hour before each meal during the day, alongside following a reducing diet and strengthening their efforts to reduce through exercise Athletic, and that they found that a load of those people decreased by a mean of 1.4 kilograms after 12 weeks, compared to people that relied on decreasing calories consumed only.

Drink warm or cold water

People who attempt to reduce should eat slowly, concentrate to what's eaten, and what helps this, as some researchers suggest, drink a glass of warm water so as to reduce, because drinking a cup of warm water requires less time than drinking a cup of Coldwater, which inspires eating slowly, as this results in controlling the sensation of hunger, and it's worth noting that the results are more clear when the water is cold, when drinking cold water the body uses extra calories to warm the water until it becomes at an equivalent blood heat.

Drink water rather than other drinks

Replacing drinks that contain an outsized amount of calories and sugar with calorie-free water naturally reduces the number of calories consumed, and reduces weight. Consuming one additional cup of water per day generally results in weight loss.

Benefits of dieting

Burn more calories

Studies have shown that drinking about half a liter to a liter of water helps burn more calories (about 23 calories), and a study conducted on adults confirmed that about 24-30% of their calories were burned within 10 minutes after beverage, This effect lasts for a minimum of hour, and as another study conducted on women who increased the quantity of water consumed by about one liter per day over 12 months showed, they lost about two kilograms of their weight.

Fill the appetite

Studies have shown that when people, especially those that are middle-aged or older, drink water before meals, this reduces their appetite, and therefore the same effects haven't been shown in reducing the caloric intake of younger people when following this pattern.

Water diet tips

When following the diet, concentrate on the subsequent points to urge the simplest results:
  • Exercise or physical activity, alongside drinking predicament, as this helps you lose more weight.
  • It is best to reduce slowly by about half a kilogram to about one kilogram per week because losing weight quickly means an individual is losing water and muscle mass within the body, not fat.
  • Children should even be especially encouraged to drink water, as this is able to help them avoid being overweight or obese within the future.

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