jeudi 9 janvier 2020

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Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde confirmed that luck deprived his team of defeating Atletico Madrid within the Spanish Super Cup semi-finals.

Barcelona lost 3-2 to Atletico Madrid on Thursday, to bid farewell to the Super Cup, while Atletico qualified for the ultimate match to face Real Madrid.

Valverde said in statements after the match: "We dominated most of the match, and that we were the foremost dangerous on goal, but luck and success didn't close to taking advantage of opportunities, and within the end, we lost the match."

He added: "We were surprised by the first goal at the start of the last half, which caused our cards to stall for a few times."

He continued: "After the goal, we held together and managed to attain the first equalizer, but the video technology deprived us of two consecutive goals, which were enough to finish the match."

Valverde stressed: "We won't be suffering from this result for the rest of the season, we are going well, and that we will continue our season naturally."

He concluded: "Atletico Madrid deserved to qualify for the ultimate match, also as Real Madrid, and that i hope the fans enjoy their meeting together."

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