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Hormones during a woman cause change within the body, and therefore the desire to eat may increase as a result of the high levels of some hormones, so what are the days when the appetite increases in women?

A woman goes through various stages in her life, and through these stages, many changes occur within the nature of the body and hormones, which affect her appetite.

Sometimes she feels a loss of desire to eat, and at other times, she has an increased appetite and loses control over what proportion food she eats.

Times of increased appetite in women

Here are the foremost prominent times when appetite increases in women.

1- Period of menstruation period

Menstruation can increase your looking for food.

During the cycle, women's hormones, estrogen, and progesterone fluctuate.

Estrogen hormone reduces appetite, while progesterone helps increase appetite.

Because the hormone estrogen decreases and therefore the progesterone hormone rises during the menstrual period, the lady feels an increased appetite and consumes more food.

Another reason for an increased appetite during the cycle is that the endometrium bearing cramps and more body energy, which increases the necessity to eat.

2- The ovulation period

Hormone fluctuations during ovulation also are related to appetite.

Women often need more energy within the time between ovulation, and lots of women tend to consume more protein and carbohydrates during this era to get energy.

The explanation for this is often a decrease in serotonin levels during ovulation, which increases a woman's feeling of depression.

Eating carbohydrates helps raise serotonin levels, so this craving could also be caused by feelings of depression.

3- Pregnancy

Increased appetite during pregnancy is common, especially within the last half of pregnancy when nausea fades and therefore the baby grows.

This is thanks to the child’s development and therefore the need for more nutrition, and therefore therefore the woman’s sense of responsibility towards the fetus and the interest in feeding him stimulates her appetite and makes her eat all the nutrients during pregnancy.

As a result of pregnancy, women need more energy and feel very uninterested in less effort, and this increases the sensation of hunger throughout the day.

The greater the child’s size, the greater his need for food, and hence the woman’s appetite for food.

4- Breastfeeding period

During breastfeeding, prolactin levels that boost milk production within the breast increase.

The prolactin hormone stimulates the appetite, which explains the increased desire to eat and gain extra weight at this stage.

Also, the breastfeeding woman uses more food than enhances her health to be ready to look out of the baby and nourish it well.

5- After the abortion

Most women feel anorexia after miscarriage as a result of the bad mental state.

But the appetite increases in others, and excessive eating during this era.

This is thanks to hormonal changes, and therefore the nature of the body from one woman to a different.

During the time, women's hormones get back to normal to eat normally.

6- While feeling nervous

When feeling stressed and facing different pressures, cortisol and adrenaline are produced within the body, increasing their levels.

At that point, the sensation of stress and a willingness to face various difficulties increases, and this is often translated into the body within the sort of hunger, the will to eat and therefore the need for more calories.

Sugars are the simplest solution to face problems, as they provide the body energy.

Things to try to when your appetite rises

To reduce overheating, it's recommended to require a variety of measures, namely:

  • Maintaining body hydration: Sometimes a lady thinks that she wants to eat food, but she really needs water, which is why it's important to drink large amounts of water throughout the day.

  • Distribution of small meals during the day: rather than eating two or three meals, it's preferable to eat 5 small meals that contain all the nutrients, this reduces the sensation of hunger throughout.

  • Availability of healthy food at home: like vegetables and fruits, which may be eaten when feeling hungry, rather than unhealthy foods that contain fat and fat.

  • Weight control: a crucial trick to take care of weight and avoid being overweight is to constantly monitor it. When a lady feels hungry, she first cares about the kinds of foods she eats in order that she doesn't gain extra weight.

  • Sleep regulation: sleep regulation helps to not overeat, as women eat their meals regularly, avoiding sleeplessness and feeling hungry in the dark, which causes weight gain.

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