dimanche 12 janvier 2020

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The repercussions of Iranian recognition of the shooting down of the plane .. Ukraine involves an apology and compensation for the victims and Canada involves accountability of Tehran

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zielinski announced that his country is awaiting a politician's apology from Iran and thru diplomatic channels and compensation for the downing of the Ukrainian plane that killed 176 people.
"This morning wasn't good, but the reality emerged," Zielinsky said on "Telegram," after Tehran admitted to inadvertently shot down the Ukrainian plane. Iran admitted its guilt, that it had shot down the Ukrainian plane, even before the top of the work of the International Commission of Inquiry.
Zelinsky confirmed that his country was awaiting from Iran "guarantees for its full readiness to openly investigate, prosecute those responsibly, return dead bodies and pay compensation, and a politician apology through diplomatic channels."
In the same context, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Iran should be held accountable and accountable after Iran recognized its responsibility to shoot down the Ukrainian plane.
A statement issued by Trudeau’s office said: “On today ... Iran has recognized that the Ukrainian International Airlines plane was shot down by its soldiers ... Our focus now remains on demanding accountability, transparency, and justice for the families and loved ones of the victims .. this is often a national tragedy, all Canadians shall mourn.”
The statement added: "We will still work with our partners around the world to make sure a full and comprehensive investigation, and therefore the Canadian government expects full cooperation from the Iranian authorities."
Zelinsky and Trudeau made the remarks after Iran announced Saturday morning that the Ukrainian plane was shot down in Iran by mistake.
The "Boeing 737-800" passenger plane of "Ukrainian Airlines" crashed at dawn on January 8, during a flight from Tehran to the Ukrainian capital Kiev, after beginning minutes, during a disaster that killed 176 people.

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