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Regular crunch exercises

When performing regular crunch exercises for the abdomen, you should relax on the back, with the knees bent, and with care to keep the feet on the ground, and then clasp the hands on the chest or behind the head, and then push the upper part towards the knees, and from Then return to the first position, so that this exercise should be done 10 to 12 times.

Bike Crunch

You should lie on the back when doing bicycle crunch exercises, taking care to keep the feet on the ground, and then place the hands behind the head, after which the elbow is directed to the left leg, then switch in the opposite direction, and these movements must be continued from 12-15 times per direction, to make the most of this exercise, these exercises help relieve rumen.

Boat position

When doing a Boat Pose exercise, you should sit upright with your knees bent, feet put on the floor, and then you should bend back and balance the sitting bones, and lift the legs off the ground, and hands should not be extended forward, so that the cuff Hand up, so that the body will form a letter (V), you can do it for 30 seconds if not begin with only 20 seconds.

Crocodile crawling exercises

When doing an Alligator Drag exercise, the person will need space to move in, and also a piece like a towel for the glide to help in the exercise, you must start with a Plank exercise position, with hands placed on the towel or something else, and then walk forward using only the hands And drag the lower part of the body for a distance of 9-18 meters, taking care to keep the center of the body and the hip muscle tight, and then take a leg for a minute and re-exercise.

Reverse crunch

You should lie on the back straight to do the Reverse Crunch, and with the knees bent in a right angle, and with the feet raised a few centimeters off the ground and joined together, taking care to keep the hands to the sides, or behind the ears, if it is more comfortable so that it should rest Focus on tightening the abdominal muscles to raise the pelvis and feet to the side of the rib cage, and exhalation is issued when the muscles are tightened and take inspiration when returning to the first position.

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