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push up

The push-ups exercise is taken into account one among the oldest sports exercises that were practiced to strengthen the chest muscles, it's a gaggle of exercises based mainly on the load of the body, and its ability to resist the gravity of the world, by dropping the body towards the bottom then return to the primary case that it had been, and therefore the arms during this exercise are considered essential pillars of the exercise.

Benefits of push-ups

The push-up exercise has many benefits, but the foremost important benefits of those exercises are as follows:
  • It works to strengthen the chest muscles because it is taken into account one of the simplest physical exercises to strengthen the chest muscles.
  • It works to strengthen the varied muscles of the body at an equivalent time and may specialize in one muscle to strengthen them.
  • It works to strengthen the muscles of the hands and forearms.
  • It works to strengthen the shoulder muscles from the side between the chest area and therefore the front shoulder.
  • It works to strengthen the muscles of the upper back and therefore the muscles of the lower back.
  • Strengthens the abdominal muscles.
  • It works by stretching the tendon within the knee and therefore the quadriceps muscle (the front a part of the thigh) and tightens the leg and foot muscles.
  • It strengthens the guts muscle and activates it, as does any exercise that needs high exertion.

Additional benefits of push-ups

In addition to the physical benefits of stretching and strengthening the muscles, there are other benefits that distinguish it from other exercises:
  • It is considered an easy exercise because it is often practiced easily, because it doesn't require high concentration, nor great physical strength.
  • It is often done anywhere and any time, as long because the method of its performance is correct, it'll not need a prepared place or a selected time (knowing that it's preferable to not perform any physical activity that needs high effort after eating food a minimum of half an hour), then the flat, wide and flat place may be a good place to try to do this exercise.
  • There is no need for expensive technical sporting goods.
  • Changing the whole body shape. Performing the right pressure training will cause a healthy body and healthiness.
  • It works to extend strength and energy; since everyone who has performed and exercised this exercise for quite a month, has increased significantly stronger and energy, because it not only strengthens the muscles of the body but also strengthens the guts muscle, [4] which is primarily liable for the energy of the body.
  • It activates the processes of burning fat within the body; this exercise is taken into account like all exercise that builds the muscles of the body because it works to burn calories as a result of high effort.
  • Prevention of injuries, as exercise pressure, helps to avoid injuries resulting from muscle or tendon laceration.

How to do a push-up exercise

In order to get strong, tight chest muscles, there are different types of pressure training, and it must be noted that eating healthy balanced food helps in building the chest muscles that result from the right performance of this exercise. [5] you ought to concentrate thereto.

Before any exercise, an individual should warm up (because they reduce the danger of injuries during exercise) and prepare the muscles to try to to the push-up. Warm-up operations are easy, simple, and routine operations that an individual performs before starting any high-effort activity that increases blood flow within the muscles and tissues to extend their efficiency and performance, additionally to increasing secretions between the joints to melt them.

The thanks to warm-up include performing simple exercises with high repetition of the muscle to be used, additionally to creating an easy effort to accelerate the heartbeat and increase blood pumping throughout the body (for example running), and there are many various warming methods that are suitable for everybody.

To start with the compression exercise, you want to follow the subsequent steps:
  • The appropriate position is taken on the bottom before applying the pressure exercise, (preferably the ground is carpeted to facilitate the installation of hands and feet), then the body is thrown on the bottom in order that the feet are together.
  • Place the palms of the hands on the ground flatly, within the same direction because of the shoulders.
  • The body is raised using the arms, and during this case, the load of the body must be supported by hands and feet in order that the body shape is during a line from the top to the feet.
  • Lower the body (keeping in mind that it'll remain as a line without warping) toward the bottom to approach it, but without coming into contact with it.
  • Repeat steps 2 to 4 until the body is tired or as needed, and a few rests could also be taken in order that it doesn't exceed a moment, after exhausting the body and before starting the exercise again.
In order to extend the efficiency of the exercise and avoid injuries, some things should be taken into consideration while performing the pressure exercise:
  • Lower the stem in order that it forms with the elbows a 90-degree angle while working to stay the elbows on the brink of the body (for more resistance).
  • Maintaining the head's direction by making it face forward, and gently breathing for the comfort of the guts.
  • Gravity must be resisted by pressing and without touching the bottom.
  • The compression should come from the chest and shoulders.

Types of push-up exercise

Push-up exercise with divergent arms

This exercise focuses on strengthening the chest muscles while reducing the main target on the shoulders and arms and is administered within the same steps because the normal pressure exercise, but keeping in mind keeping the arms level wider than the shoulder level by an in. or more.


This exercise focuses on strengthening the muscles of the hands and shoulders, with no use of chest muscles. To perform it, the body must first be pushed to a wall, then the hands should be fixed to the bottom, therefore the body will become vertical, then start rising and down, taking care to not touch the top to the bottom. This exercise is harder than normal pressure exercise, and care must be taken to fall so as to avoid hitting the top of the front parts of the body.

Triangle exercise

This exercise focuses on strengthening the muscles of the arms (mainly) and chest while reducing specialize in the shoulders. the traditional compression exercise steps are performed, but keeping in mind that the arms are kept on the brink of the shoulder, and therefore the hands are next to every other, forming a triangle.

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