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The back is that the strength within the physical body, but it's going to be exposed to tons of stress and fatigue, as a results of performing some bad habits that affect his health and therefore the health of his muscles, such as: lifting heavy weights during a wrong way or sitting for long hours, or due to weight gain, which Attention requires its muscles, maintaining its integrity, and strengthening it the maximum amount as possible so as to be ready to do the items of life naturally, knowing that a lot of bodybuilders resort to strengthening their back muscles, and during this article, we'll introduce you to the way to strengthen the back muscles.

How to strengthen the back muscles

Commitment to a lively lifestyle

  • Reducing the number of hours of sitting at work and reception, and being careful to not sit for quite six consecutive hours on holidays, because this results in the atrophy of the lower muscles within the back over time.
  • Avoid sitting for quite half an hour at a time, and trying to line the alarm on a phone or computer so as to vary the seating shape.
  • Trying to accumulate an office to be used within the standing and sitting position, to modify between them during work and without affecting productivity.
  • Commitment to steer a day, whether during breaks or after dinner and a minimum of 10,000 steps per day.

Doing aerobics 

  • Make a meeting with the attending physician if the person has severe lower back pain, to prescribe exercises to strengthen the muscles and reduce pain.
  • Doing half-hour swimming exercises 3 times hebdomadally, especially back-swimming or crawling.
  • Jogging or walking within the water, to extend the strength of the center and lower back.
  • Doing period exercises, such as: walking quickly for 2 minutes, then relaxing for 4 minutes, then increasing periods to enhance fitness and increase strength.

Doing back exercises

  • Pelvic tilt exercise: stretching on the back, then bending the knees and keeping them apart in order that they reach the extent of the thighs, then put the proper hand below the curvature of the back, then relax the back, press it toward the bottom, and keep an equivalent position for 3 seconds, then relax the back, and repeat the exercise 10 times, and it must be noted that it's possible to extend the position retention period of 10 seconds to be ready to increase the voltage.
  • Thigh bridge exercise: bend the knees in their original position, then relax the abdominal s and therefore the transverse abdominal muscle and pull them inward, then raise the thighs to make a line between the shoulders and knees, then hold the position for 3 seconds, return to the first position slowly, and repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Swimming exercise on the ground: Lie on the abdomen, then extend the arms above the top, and extend the legs towards rock bottom, then lift them off the bottom for several centimeters, then raise the proper leg up, and lower it, and repeat an equivalent steps with the opposite leg, and repeat the exercise for a period of three hours, with Keep the leg raised for a second between each shift, then lower the legs, raise the arms, and switch between them with an equivalent steps, then raise one among the lads with the other hand and repeat an equivalent steps, and it's recommended to repeat the exercise 40 times.

  • Flying exercise in pivot mode: Lift the body off the bottom and rest on the limbs, with the arms extended directly below the shoulders, then extend the legs below the thighs, raise the proper leg for 3 seconds, then lower it and lift the left leg, and repeat the exercise 10 times, then repeat an equivalent steps Using the hands, with the necessity to take care of the back straight, then return to the start line, and check out to boost the left arm with the proper leg at an equivalent time, while maintaining the back straight, then repeat the exercise 5 times for every side.

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