jeudi 16 janvier 2020

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The Spanish Football Federation issued its decision regarding Federico Valverde, Real Madrid's midfielder, after being sent off against Atletico Madrid within the Spanish Super Final, last Sunday.

The Uruguayan, 21, dropped his opponent Alvaro Morata single within the goal, near the top of additional time, within the modified Superfinal hosted by Saudi Arabia after he made a violent mistake by using the feet together.

The referee's report said that Valverde received an immediate red card because he had prevented a transparent opportunity to attain, while the Spanish Federation said that the player would be punished by suspending one match.

The mistake contributed to Real Madrid winning the title, because it won (4-1) a penalty shootout to win the title, while Atletico coach Diego Simeone described this shot as "the most vital moment within the game".

Valverde, who is one among Real's best players this season, will miss the third-placed Sevilla match on Saturday.

The player will return to Real when facing Real, Valladolid within the next round, and he also will be ready to play against Atletico during a new top game on February 1.

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