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Finger grip exercise

Doing hand and finger exercises, which help to reinforce the movement of the hand and fingers, and relieve muscle pain by doing the following:

  • Handgrip a pleasant fist and wrap your thumb with other fingers.
  • Hold for 30-60 seconds, then drop and extend forward.
  • Repeat the exercise a minimum of fourfold each day.

Fingertip exercises

The finger stretch exercise helps relieve pain and improve hand movement by:
  • Laying the hand on a flat surface, like a table and others.
  • Gently stretch the fingers toward the surface without pressing the joints.
  • The tide continues for 30-60 seconds, then back to normal.
  • Repeat the tactic fourfold on the proper and left hands.

Finger lift exercise

This exercise is employed to assist increase the range of movement and adaptability of the fingers, and therefore the following is followed:

  • Place the palm of the hand on a table or other surface.
  • Gently lift just one finger then lower it.
  • Lift all fingers and thumb simultaneously.
  • Repeat this exercise 12 times on each hand.

Hand warming exercise

it's preferable to warm the fingers of the hardened hands and pain before exercising, to assist the hands to move and stretch, and a warm cloth is often used, or soak the hands in warm water for 5-10 minutes, or apply the hands with an amount of oil and wear gloves Chewy, soak hands in warm water for a couple of minutes, and this helps the hands get warm.

Play with mud

Playing with mud or putty helps to extend the movement and strengthening of the fingers of the hands, and play using the fingertips, making a ball of mud, wrapping it within the palm of the hands then throwing it.

Bending exercise

The bending exercise is completed through the following:
  • Place a pinky finger on the left and thumb on the table.
  • Lift your thumb up, bend the remainder of the fingers inward, i.e. make your L-shaped fingers hold, and continue this movement for a couple of seconds.
  • Repeat the exercise ten times on the left.
  • Repeat the exercise on the proper hand.

Stretch the wrist and fold it

Arthritis of the hand are often treated by extending the proper arm with the palm of the pass on, pressing down on the proper hand by using the left, and gently holding for a couple of seconds, and repeating the exercise 10 times on the proper hand, then moving to the left to figure an equivalent exercise, and this exercise is often practiced within the following way:
  • Place the forearm on the table, hang the hand toward the sting of the table, and extend the palm of the hand towards rock bottom.
  • Move the hand upward and stretch it gently.
  • Return to the start line.
  • Repeat the exercise on the opposite hand.

Thumb flexion exercise

The exercise is practiced as follows:
  • It starts together with your thumb and put it back a touch.
  • Move the finger towards the palm, then return to the start line.

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