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How to Take Care of Cats
The cat occupies the primary place crazy among people in reference to other pets, so most are happy when twiddling with cats. tons of individuals love cats. On the opposite hand, there are people that cannot sit during a place where there are cats. What are the characteristics and kinds of cats, and the way can we look out of them.

What are the kinds of cats

(Persian cat, Siamese cat, Abyssinian, Himalayan cat, Manx cat, Apisian cat, Balinese cat, Burmese cat, Russian cat, Rural cat, Angora, Scottish cat, Turkish cat, Somali cat, Japanese cat, Japanese cat, Japanese cat, Egyptian Maw cat, Bombay cat).

What are the characteristics of cats

The types of cats are known, and their characteristics are known, so as to understand the way to treat and look after them, so we'll now study a number of the characteristics of cats: wild cats:
  • A cute animal, a sniper, behaves as he pleases, isolationist, as he doesn't wish to sleep in groups, relies in his food on hunting prey, he has very high skills in hunting, while roaming all of their senses are alert and alert, and that they have a really high sense of hearing, and when jumping can jump it's five times longer than its body to pounce on prey.
  • Social cats: her life is concentrated on domestic activities, so it's preferable to follow its owner wherever he goes rather than staying alone, additionally to his great affiliation together with his owner who provides him with all his needs, and therefore the cat feels safe within the family system thanks to spending his day while roaming around the house, but what's most disturbed He described it as television, because he feels that it's a fast prey, so he prepares to confront it until he discovers that it's just a moving thing and his interest stops, as for real prey like fish, he doesn't compare thereto, because he knows the dire consequences, which is one among the fundamentals of cat education. Cats like to build relationships between them and humans, quite To Aqatha with cats, thanks to avoiding rival within the food.
Cats communicate with humans through signals that everybody understands. When it announces its existence, it makes a mild voice, and it raises its voice when it feels neglected. Likewise, an individual uses the signal to the touch of the cat’s head and massages it. This expresses to him through him his love and therefore the transmission of tenderness to him. Humans are cats and domestication, because the corporate of cats is soothing and calming, and therefore the evidence is that cats enhance life, that folks who own cats have less vital sign, slower heartbeats and live longer than those that don't raise cats, and cats can sense your feelings if you've got a tone of voice Or happy try that He speaks to the cat during a tone of voice that's different from the standard one and she or he are going to be surprised by the response of its action towards that, and she or he also can predict the occurrence of earthquakes, and cats consider that their relationship with humans is said to the elimination of their needs only, and if he delays in fulfilling his needs and doesn't find his food-filled daily, he abandons its owner, it's transmitted to a different person, because cats are selfish in nature, unlike the dog known for its loyalty to its owner.

How to properly look after cats

The food

Eating cats quickly, and therefore the sense of taste in cats is weaker than the sense of taste in humans, and most annoying cats eating cold frozen foods, also cats don't like better to repeat the sort of food daily, and therefore the sorts of eating that are preferred to feed the cats the foods on the marketplace for cats, otherwise, you can put in Eating like bones and meat, taking under consideration to not put excessive amounts because the character of the cat is selective as we've said, this eating and tedium are abandoned quickly, and it is often dispensed with by using the cat since childhood to eat all types of home food: bread, meat, eggs, cheese, rice, vegetables and, to warn, don't feed Cats are any quite chocolate, as this might cause death, which is thanks to the lack of cats to taste sweet foods because they lack the middle for tasting sweets.

Dealing with cats

Cats always need us to play together with her, as she remembers her mother's caresses when she was young, and therefore the cat responds when she carries with him by purring, and this suggests his happiness, and one among the movements that the cats love most about her caress is massage the top, avoiding contact together with her hands, tail, and abdomen, and as we all know that a cat may be a predatory object, hunting prey albeit it's not a true prey, once you see something moving behind it, you'll deflect it by twiddling with it with a string that pulls it when the cat approaches it, also as playing the ball, so you enjoy watching it and its acrobatic movements.

Cat cleaning care

As much because the cat takes care of itself, and spends most of its time licking and cleaning its body, it hates and avoids water during a big way, so you ought to return the cat to the shower since its childhood, so as to not tire you each time you're taking a shower.

How to wash a cat?

Preparing the cat for bathing, preparing warm water, and with the assistance of another person, you start to place water on a couple of parts of the body, in order that the cat doesn't panic and shake you or scratch you, then apply shampoo to the parts of the body, taking under consideration to not approach the opaque gem or mouth, The shampoo is repeated, and at the top, the cat is applied with a towel, in order that he doesn't feel cold, and it's preferable to use a hand blower, then cut his nails well.

There are things to think about when washing your cat:
  1. Use a flea shampoo if fleas are found in your cat's hair
  2. Avoid hitting the cat, as this may make him afraid, at every shower
  3. The cat must shower 3 times within the summer week, and winter just one occasion, for fear of catching a chilly 
Training a cat to urge obviate its litter within the sand:
A special sand is obtained for the cat to use for it when it's necessary to urge obviate its litter, and therefore the cat is directed and trained from the primary months, and therefore the cat is taken into account a clean animal, it digs within the sand, and after you finish covering the opening, you successively need to clean this basin continuously, so as to avoid the transmission of diseases and therefore the presence of spores.

Things to try to to to require care of cat health

  1. Caring for cat chow, and controlling it because most cat diseases include symptoms of anorexia.
  2. Follow up together with your vet, and visit him every 6 months, to see on the cat's health.
  3. Ensure to require the required vaccinations for cats, at special ages and times.
  4. Prevention of diseases that will affect humans from cats.

What are the diseases that affect humans from cats?

  • Sore throat and tonsils: during which cats transmit microbes to humans, which cause severe infections within the throat, and should cause complications and infection with tonsils, and treatment could also be by taking antibiotics, drinking warm fluids, and to stop this disease, cats should be prevented from putting their mouth in food or Humans drink, additionally to avoiding sleeping next to cats.
  • Intestinal flu: This disease is transmitted through the transfer of cats to microbes and germs, and this disease causes when transmitting to humans, diarrhea, and vomiting. to stop disease, gloves must be worn when cleaning the cat, washing hands well after caressing them and keeping cats far away from places of food preparation.
  • Cat scratch disease: it's a disease that's tolerated by small cats quite large ones. This disease is caused by bacteria that attack the cat due to the fleas that afflict it. By taking antibiotics, the danger of this disease lies in those with weakened immunity.

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