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The cats

Cats are mammals that reproduce by birth, and their young remain within the custody of the mother for a period of a minimum of two months, during which the mother suckles them, takes care of them and protects them from risks, after which the young cats become ready to depend upon themselves, as they will eat alone and protect themselves to some extent, and from Then her growth is complete and she or he reports, so she leaves her mother to require care of herself. But within the event that the mother dies or refuses to breastfeed a youth, for instance, thanks to a change within the smell of the young thanks to being carried by an individual or a weird animal, in such cases the kids may become a true threat to their lives, and since cats usually sleep in residential neighborhoods among humans, they're often it's fortunate to seek out people that care and nurture it from people, but raising a baby animal isn't easy, and a number of other things must be taken under consideration when raising it to stay it healthy, and during this article is an evidence of the methods of raising newborn cats.

How to feed a little cat


Keep the subsequent points in mind when employing a bottle to feed a kitten:
  • You need suckers and suckers specially designed for cats that make the baby breastfeed exactly as if he was breastfeeding from his mother, and as in breastfeeding, there's an absorbent under the pipette that controls the quantity of fluid beginning of the breast and adjusts it at a mean rate. The syringe is often used as an alternative, but not by me. The bottle is ideal and easier to handle.
  • In order to stay safe, sterilize the baby's tools. each bit should be washed separately, and it's preferable to sterilize it with steam or boiling water.

Prepare the milk

If the milk is liquid, the bottle opens and therefore the bottle is crammed with the acceptable amount consistent with the table below, but if it's dry, the instructions on the box about the blending ratios with water should be read, because the low concentration of milk harms the health of the young, and reduces the proportion of food and minerals it takes from the meal, while the high concentration It damages his intestine.

Age / Number of meals
1 - 3 days / 2.5 milliliters every two hours.
4 - 7 days / 5 milliliters 10 times a day.
8 - 10 days / 5 - 7.5 milliliters 10 times a day.
11- 14 days / 10- 12.5 ml once every 3 hours.
15 - 21 days / 10 ml eight times a day.
Greater than 21 days / 25 milliliters four times per day, with the beginning of serving solid food.

It is important to follow these steps to take care of the health of the baby during lactation:
  • The baby should be kept warm during lactation. The cold makes the milk stay more hours in its stomach, and it bothers it, and therefore the cat's house are often isolated and put a warm bladder thereunder or a predicament can to stay it warm, but it should be wrapped during a towel so as to not burn the baby's skin, and replace it when needed to stay the baby warm.
  • An appropriate chair is placed with a towel wrapped around the knee of the one that is breastfeeding, then carry the baby and place it during a position suitable for the bottle as if it might be breastfed by his mother; where his head is straight, his feet are down, his stomach is lying down, and when trying to feed the cat from the primary drop of milk The syringe or sucker is rounded to the mouth of the baby. Its strong sense of smell will attempt to reach the source of the milk smell and put its mouth there.
  • When handling breastfeeding, it's necessary to undertake to push it - but gently and effortlessly - into the baby's mouth, then his instinct will help him to continue breastfeeding. It can suffocate her, as he cannot control the method of breastfeeding, and it must be breastfed very quietly and slowly.
  • The position of the young is extremely important, it must not be placed on his back completely during breastfeeding, and must be placed on top of something comfortable, and to not raise his head during breastfeeding in order that nothing from the milk leaks into his lungs causing infections.
  • You should not provide more food than needed, and it's possible to watch the extent of the fullness of his stomach by pressing the stomach. If the stomach appears and appears solid, it should be stopped directly from breastfeeding albeit the small one remains posing for food, and if the kid is eating but his need, it doesn't matter, then it must He pauses at his will and tries to feed him again after he has rested.
  • Keep calm when breastfeeding, in order that he feels comfortable and takes his need, especially when breastfeeding for the primary time.
  • The cat must be buried to expel the air in its stomach, by carrying it and placing its back within the palm of the hands of the one who is breastfeeding, with a massage of its stomach with the opposite hand to expel the air in its stomach, and sometimes the stool comes out, and this is often a superb sign of its health.
  • After every meal, the mother cat usually licks the body of its young, especially the anus and therefore the genitals, to stimulate it to urinate and excrete, in order that these excreta don't remain inside the tiny body, so it are often harmed, and an individual can use a plant disease to wipe the small cat's body to get a converging effect, and this step is extremely important to end The feeding process, otherwise, the cat will get sick from gathering litter inside.
  • This process continues until the cat is in a position to feed itself.
  • It is possible to wean the baby from the bottle once he reaches the age of 4 weeks, and by beginning to provide solid food for him, and this will be known by observing the baby. If he becomes a sucker of the bottle, this is often considered a positive sign, and if the small one doesn't express a desire to eat solid food when serving it, you'll add milk during a bit . For him, to encourage him to form his food soft, and it's preferable to go away food ahead of the small one to be entertained by biting him whenever he wants to while beginning to gradually reduce milk meals in exchange for solid food.
  • At the age of seven weeks, the kid is going to be ready to depend completely on himself for food.

Things to think about when breastfeeding a kitten

It is important to concentrate on the following:
  • That the milk is fresh and fresh for every meal and freed from preservatives, because the immunity of newborn cats isn't strong, so any contamination within the milk causes the young to become ill.
  • The microwave shouldn't be used or heated directly on the milk industry, instead, a predicament bath is often used.
  • Milk should be moderately hot at blood heat between 38-37 degrees Celsius, and it is often examined by placing drops of it on the rear of the hand. If it's neither cold nor hot, it's appropriate, because the cold disturbs the small and therefore the hot burns its mouth.

Methods of caring for a newborn cat

Searching for a mother 

The first attempt which will be made to worry for a little cat is to seek out another mother working to worry for it, and this is often the simplest thing to try to if available, and it's possible to review the reserves or places for raising and caring for cats to seek out a mother who is caring for the young because the milk remains the simplest for the young, and therefore the most capable Feeding and raising their immunity, and since cats are the foremost capable of raising their young, but care must be crazy caution that some cats are hostile to any foreign strangers about them. The new mother may refuse to breastfeed the young, and maybe she tries to harm him, in order that they must be watched with caution when putting them together until they're familiar. Or until T. Little mother hack and may then look for another alternative.
The best thanks to combining a cat with other cats is to separate the mother from her cats, then put the strange cat between them, and with the youngsters stay together in order that the smell of the opposite children will pass to the stranger cat, and after an hour for instance, when the mother returns, he won't feel a weird smell and thus accept the new baby, Breastfeed her and her young children.

Offer milk for the small one

If a young mother refuses and it's impossible to get another mother, an individual must take over this task, by choosing suitable milk and providing it to the baby, and what's suitable for cats is merely cat milk, and cow milk can't be used for this purpose, it's harmful to the health of the young, and from Possible diarrhea, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, long-term health problems thanks to poor nutrition resulting from poor nutrition, and severe food poverty in cow's milk for what little cats need, in practice, the young will remain hungry and feel food shortages until he dies.
An alternative to a cat can be purchased at pet food stores, or via the web, and cat milk could also be available in several commercial forms, including liquid and dry. Instructions that specify the acceptable method of use for these products are available on the package, including the right amount of doses and therefore the ratio of blending with water.
Warning: Milk boxes wrapped in carton and printed on them (suitable for cats) aren't useful for sucking cats because they're made up of cow's milk after removing the lactose sugar from it, in order that they are often presented to large cats without causing any health damage, but they're going to remain poor in food for a little cat.

One-time temporary solution

When there's no possibility of obtaining milk, the perfect solution (within these circumstances) is to boil water and add a spoonful of glucose sugar thereto and serve it to the baby directly, especially if it's hungry, and this meal is obtainable just one occasion without counting on it within the end of the day, and it only aims to supply more From the time to seek out a source of milk for cats, rice water are often wont to enrich it with nutrients, and its ability to provide the baby with energy, and to supply water for the baby better than leaving him affected by drought and lack of food, and better than providing cow milk with bad side effects, but he will leave the A cat develops starvation within the end of the day.

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