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Muscle mass within the body

The BMI is employed to assist determine the muscle ratio, so when determining the general health of the body, it's assumed that the main target is on the ratio of muscle to fat ratio. More significantly, the fat is larger and not compressed.

Calculating muscle mass

The muscle mass index within the body is often calculated by:

Calculate the fat mass

The fat mass within the body are often calculated by measuring the weight on the fat-measuring instrument, then you'll get the share of muscle mass within the body, by subtracting the share of fat from 100, for example: If the fat percentage is 25%, then the share of fat-free muscles within the body it's adequate to 75% (100 - 25 = 75), then the share of muscle mass within the body is multiplied by the entire weight, for example: if the load is 175 pounds (79.38 kg), it's multiplied by 0.75, then the muscle mass within the body is 131.25 pounds (59.42 kg).


The muscle ratio within the body are often calculated by doing a double X-ray scan (Dexa), so this examination determines the share of muscle mass within the body, and therefore the percentage of fat and bone mass, in order that the individual must lie on a table for 12 minutes during the examination, and exposure to radiation that it's considered safe.

Total body mass

The BMI is often calculated by dividing the entire weight in kilograms by the squared length (i.e. the entire weight/length (in meters) x length (in meters)). For example: if an individual features a weight of 99.97 kilograms and a length of 1.905 meters, then his body mass index Equal: 99.97 / 1.905 * 1.905 = 27.5.

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