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Calculate the percentage of fat

Body mass is often wont to know the healthy weight appropriate for height and to work out the quantity of body mass you want to know the share of body fat, which isn't easy, and it always requires medical intervention, additionally to its high cost, knowing that the foremost accurate thanks to measuring the perfect weight is by measuring The body is underwater, or by resonance, and portable scanners that are utilized in sports clubs to live the share of fat, where these scanners work to enter an easy current within the body, then give estimates of the share of fat, counting on the present passing quickly within the muscles and blood.

The possibility of calculating the perfect weight is indicated by using the subsequent formula:
Ideal weight = body mass without fat / (1- body fat percentage).

As the mass of the body without fat means all that's within the body of bones, blood, muscles, and organs without counting the fat, and within the case of its calculation, it's through the subsequent formula:
Body mass without fat = weight - (bodyweight x current body fat percentage).

Body fat percentage

This table shows what the share of body fat is expressed consistent with the American Council for Sports Guidelines:

Essential fats
Physically fit

Accuracy of fat percentage results

Many experts say that calculating the share of body fat is that the best thanks to measure the extent of fitness, because the percentage of fats that exceed 25% in men is taken into account obesity, which exceeds 31% in women is obesity, a way that provides more accurate results than the mass index The body, as there are other ways to seek out the perfect weight, such as: measuring the waist relative to the length and measuring the waist and buttocks.

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