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Eat protein

You should eat protein before getting to sleep and before exercising. a replacement research within the journal "Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise" revealed that eating 20 grams of protein after exercising, also as eating it half an hour before sleep, increases muscle growth during a manner Natural, it's necessary to understand that 20 grams of protein is often obtained by eating 198 grams of Greek milk, and if the person doesn't prefer eating Greek milk, it is often replaced with two cups of milk.

Doing exercises regularly

Massive muscles are often built by exercising regularly, and this needs knowing the kinds of exercises appropriate for the body through the training plan for the individual, bearing in mind that failure to stick to a schedule to perform the exercises won't make any significant progress, therefore strength exercises must be practiced for a period of not but Three to fourfold per week, because it is assumed that rotation is going to be performed within the exercises that are performed on the upper or lower parts of the body, in order that the muscles get enough rest during the amount of rotation, thus allowing the muscles to repair, grow more and stronger.

Doing the four-leg exercise

Strong muscles are often built by doing the four-leg exercise, which may be performed as follows:

  • Place hands and knees on the bottom in order that the hands are below shoulder level, straight.
  • Paralleling the top and neck with the rear, then tightening the abdominal muscles.
  • Lift the proper hand off the bottom, extend it forward, and hold this case until taking 3 deep breaths, and repeat the method with the left.
  • Lift the proper leg off the bottom, tighten the muscles of the trunk; to balance, stay that way for 3 deep breaths, and repeat the exercise on the left leg.
  • Note: The strength of the exercise is often increased by raising the left arm with the proper leg at an equivalent time, and therefore the same applies to the proper arm with the left leg.

Commitment to diets

It is preferable to eat approximately 5-6 small and healthy meals a day until the body is in a position to perform exercises to strengthen the muscles, because eating enough healthy foods allows the muscles to get their energy needs, thus increasing the sensation of activity, and reducing the intake of snacks, what proportion A healthy diet that has lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and vitamins, and avoiding sugary foods and salt is required to stop water retention and increase fat.

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