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Excess fat

Excess fat within the body causes many problems because it makes the external sort of the physical body undesirable; it impedes movement, and it causes lack of self-confidence, additionally, to slow movement, a sense of inactivity and laziness that persists, numerous people attempt to find an appropriate thanks to reaching the body Ideal, burning tons of fat, while building muscle.

Foods that help burn fat and build muscle

  • Almonds and nuts: Helps to burn accumulated fat and build muscle within the body considerably, because it reduces the sensation of hunger, but it must be eaten in limited quantities because it contains high calories.
  • All types of dairy: play a crucial role in building muscle, and also stimulates the body to reduce.
  • Berries: Feel full when eaten.
  • Salmon and tuna fish: Helps to feel full saturated, and it's strong think about building muscle and burning fat constantly.
  • Green tea: has great benefits in burning fat.

Diet to create muscle and burn fat

  • Taking care of the diet to create a healthy muscle mass, it's advised to eat one and a half grams of protein per kilogram per day.
  • Feeding the body with high-value nutrients, therefore it's recommended to eat oats, vegetables, and boiled chicken, and it's permissible to eat burgers and pizza, but carefully, because excessive intake increases the share of fat.
  • Reducing the amount of fat, by reducing the intake of foods that increase the share of fat within the body.
  • Eat meals in a timely manner, so it's advised to eat four to 6 meals each day, three to 5 hours apart.

Correct ways to create muscle and burn fat

Through these methods, we will assist you to succeed in the perfect body, and burn fat properly, while building healthy muscles :
  • Appropriate exercise: it's the simplest thanks to getting obviate the most important possible amount of fat within the body, and thru sports exercises in halls, or jogging, and whenever the exercise is severe, burning calories faster, thus obtaining better results.
  • Strength and weightlifting exercises: These exercises are somewhat different. this sort of exercise helps burn an outsized amount of fat, thus burning tons of calories within the body. It also builds special muscles within the body that differ between men and ladies. the person helps him in building His muscles effectively with good burning of accumulated fat, while women are few in building and developing muscles, but they burn fat strongly, thanks to the violence of exercise for ladies.
  • Eating meals before exercise: one among the misconceptions of the many people is practicing violent athletic exercises before eating meals, especially breakfast because this increases the sensation of hunger and fatigue, and thus lethargy and not eating meals properly, studies have proven that exercise after exercising an entire healthy meal It helps to burn fat positively while taking advantage of food for the body.
  • Abdominal exercises strengthen the muscles: Exercise exercises for the abdominal muscles increase the dimensions of the abdomen and also build muscles.

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